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An official index listing of Art Wikis here on Elftown!

Welcome! :) This index listing of Elftown folks and their art wikis was created to make discovering, browsing and following fellow Elftowner's art easier than ever! Sure beats having to spend endless hours searching the catacombs of Elftown randomly and aimlessly!

Index Listing Rules

If you'd like to add your own official art wikis to this list... please be sure you follow these easy rules:
1. List your member name first. (Keep it in alphabetical/numerical order!)
2. List your wiki(s) next. (Wikis must be owned by you and contain your own art!)
3. If you do have multiple wikis to list... please separate them with commas!
4. You may put a short tag (in parenthesis) behind your wiki name to quickly describe what kind of art wiki it is. Examples: (Artwork), (Photography), (Photo Manipulations), (Sculptures), (RPG Characters) ect.

[#A][#B][#C][#D][#E][#F][#G][#H][#I][#J][#K][#L][#M][#N][#O][#P][#Q][#R][#S][#T][#U][#V][#W][#X][#Y][#Z][#Numbers][#Symbols][#Regular Username Changers]


[Adaman]: Art of Adaman contains artwork done mostly by hand in pencil (color or monochromatic), and separated into sections based on complexity of color. Mainly characters of ancient, long gone wiki stories.

[Aeolynn]: Art from Aeo includes (Artwork [Traditional and digital mediums], Photography, Photo Manipulations, Sculptures, RPG Characters, OC Characters, OC Species, link for commissions and link to my DA which has more art there.)

[Aliz]: Art of Aliz (Main art page, with links to art wikis and other information. Mainly anime-ish art, fan art and original, with some random other drawing in between <3)

[Anvikit]: Plush All my creepy and cute stuffed critters. -- Color My World Some colorful artwork :D -- Munny Gallery of my custom toy dolls! -- Art of the pen Visions in written word.


[Cassave]: Cassave's Artsy Stuff (Artsy Bits) First Limbo Concept Art (Concept art for a defunct RP)

[Chel.]: Chel-chan's Art (Everything cute, colorful and fruity)

[Chimes]: Chimes' Manipulations (Photomanipulation), Chimes' Art (Digital, traditional, mixed, WIPs, doodles, yeah)

[Duke Devlin]: Dukey's Art (Mainpage of all art), Duke's Writing

[Dirty DaVinci]: No art-wikis at the moment, but I am open to e-mails from people asking for suggestions on techniques. Visit my site and you'll see examples of my work. Specialized in pencils, ink and digital painting/animation. Hyper-,sur- and realism are my specialty, as well as scientific/medical illustrations. You're all welcome to visit. And thanks to [Hendercrazy] for coming up with this fantastic idea!

[Daisy le Fleur]: Jen's Art old works and WIPS, Shutterfly & Neon Graveyard = my photography.

[Daisy_Sandybanks]: Daisy's Drawings (Sketches and drawings), Artistic Photography (Artsy photos).

[Dark Side of the Moon]: The American Civil War (Civil War portraits)



[Flisky]: Flisk_girl's art drawings and (very few) digital works



[Hendercrazy]: Art of Derek Henderson (Art Gallery/Art Store), Dark_Horizons (Art Print/Art Process), Perfect_Balance (Art Print), Another_Year_of_Torture (Art Print), Spazznik (Webcomic)


[Jitter]: for spARTa, jitter progress
[Ms. Steel]: And so it goes (Various and sundry illustrations. Links to my other art-related wikis are at the top of the page)


[jaraden]: Jaraden's drawings (Pencil Artwork)


[Kuramasgirl]: MC's Art Menagerie (Art Gallery; lots of horses)

[Kyrinn]: Artwork by Kyrinn fantasy art, traditionally done and computer work. Mostly traditional.



[Malnu]: Malnu's Art

[moira hawthorne]: Hawthorne's Elftown Art (a good starting place (has links to others if you show an interest))


[nathie]: [new -->]EmpiresNeverLast_Artbook
nathies digital paintings (older artwork) nathies digital paintings2(not so old artwork)

[nehirwen]: Nehirwens Art (mainpage), Nehirwens Photomanipulations

[Nioniel]: Melissa's Stock Images 2010, Tea Bag Buddies



[Pnelma Tirian] - Pnelma's Art (Artwork)



[Ramirez] - Ramirez's Art (Artwork/Writing)

[Ravendust] - Ravendust's Art (Art)

[Rice] - Rice's Art Gallery

[Ravenclaw] Dice Bags by: Ravenclaw (chainmail)


[Serwa] - Art by SirWaka (ART)


[Triola] - Trin's Art (Artwork)

[Bipolar Nonsense] - Art Gallery of A, United Artists, & The Creative Minds of Elftown

[The Last Dragoon] - Deadeye



[Veltzeh] – Veltzeh's pictures (Illustrations)


[wicked fae mage]-sketches wiki, more sketches wiki, nikkis newer drawings (I do draw some suggestive things)...a super wiki page (A few of my stories)



[Yncke] - Per'Bat (Comic)

[Yami]: Cat's art (Art, original and fan stuff...I need a scanner to update this :( )



[*Phoenix*] - (art/poems/stories), April's Characters, April's Photos

Regular Username Changers

Thanks to all who've signed up so far! You can help spread the word by posting a return link back to here from your art wiki(s)! You may use one of the title header images below as well if you wish! Also, be sure to fan this wiki page so a link will show up in your Elftown houses! If you know anyone else that has an art wiki... feel free to encourage them to join. :D



Other Art Wiki related places:
Sunny Featured Art - Featured art chosen by [Sunrose]!
Voila! - Find crits and comments on your art compliments of [NOOOPE]!
What's an Artist? - Give your opinion!
What's an Artist? Funny Edition! - Come laugh and add your own!
Featured Art Archive - Official Elftown page of featured art!
Reflection_Infinity - Art Community
Art Supplies Trove! - Get the skinny on art supplies!
Artisans' Guild - For those of you who are creative with crafts!

Username (or number or email):


2010-05-15 [Flisky]: Well, the pROn depends on the wiki. And if it's original art work. <img:44166_1164144907.gif>

But of course not stolen art.

2010-05-15 [*Phoenix*]: I'm not getting heated at all....(It's hard to tell with type, so just trust me on this.)

Moding afterwards would stink though. Just think, what if you uploaded a picture and had comments on it, and they go and delete it after people have already seen/commented on it. That would suck.

Yes, the quesues suck, but that's their way of doing it. They don't want to be just another online gallery:
Elfwood is a huge home to Fantasy/Sci-Fi art and literature. In respond to feedback from artists and viewers, Elfwood has expanded its site to cover a full range of Art, Fiction and How-To Guides. It is tightly controlled to stay within the SciFi/Fantasy theme, as art or stories depicting other motifs are not accepted. We host a wide range of original artwork to behold and inspire, and exciting tales to tantalize the imagination.

They WANT to keep it controlled. Like I said if you don't like it, just leave...

When you become a member you must agree to their terms and conditions ( and it says specifically:
Membership is available to both visitors and artists and writers who create material that is suitable within the Elfwood guidelines

It may seem like I'm being "heated," but I'm not. I like Elfwood because it was the first place I ever published my art and I have a great fondness for it. I don't like to see people bashing it. If you don't like it, there's no need for you to be there....

2010-05-15 [Flisky]: Very right, [*Phoenix*]. <img:44166_1164145221.gif>

2010-05-15 [*Phoenix*]: Well, um...thank you?

2010-05-15 [Chel.]: PORN. If you're going to say it, say it. Not this "pROn" crap.

2010-05-15 [Flisky]: Fine. PORN! (Though at home we call it pron...*shrugs*)

2010-05-15 [Chel.]: :]

2010-05-15 [wicked fae mage]: Sorry, I like secret codes

2010-05-16 [Hendercrazy]: The thing I particularly like about the current Elfwood is that it's much more user friendly and easy to navigate/find stuff than any other fantasy art site I've been to. Even more cool is that fans can create a profile of their own, have the ability to favorite artists, writers and even specific works. I think it'll be enjoyable to getting back to some regularity there again. :)

2010-05-16 [Adaman]: Is there a better way to organize these wikis? My elftown name would place me at the beginning of the list with Art of Adaman. I don't like the feeling of bypassing all these pages and placing mine at top, only because of alphabetic coincidence.

2010-05-16 [Yncke]: Everyone has the possibility of choosing a name beginning with the letter A, if you chose something from the end of the alphabet, you know you'll be at the end with alphabetical orders. ;) I wouldn't worry about it if I were you, [Adaman]. You've got great art, just add the link!

2010-05-16 [Hendercrazy]: [Adaman]: Yeah, I wouldn't worry about it. Just the fact that we have this wiki to find and follow art wikis and updates here on ET easier is really the main point. :D Your username just happens to start with an A. :P Originally, I was going to separate everything by various categories and only go by alphabetical wiki name... but ultimately decided that going with the username would be the most fair. ;)

2010-05-16 [Veltzeh]: We could do usernumbers and then I would be on top! X) Either way, no matter how the page is organised, some people will always be on the top and some on the bottom. Of course it's possible to alternate the order, for example always moving a list of one letter to the bottom from the top, but does anyone want to do that regularly?

2010-05-16 [Hendercrazy]: Yeah, a rolling index would be a lot of work. O_O :P

2010-05-16 [Hendercrazy]: Added a "Regular Username Changers" section to the index. This will be for anyone who changes their username with any frequency. Only one person has changed their username since putting up their wiki... so it really hasn't been an issue. However, you now have a place to go if you're one of those people. :D

2010-05-16 [Kyrinn]: I need to finish my public art wiki to put here.. O_O

2010-05-18 [Serwa]: Heated or not, it's a pointless discussion.
No need to explain what elfwood is, I've probably been on there a while longer than you.
Since the issue is not keepin me awake at night, I see no need to leave the site altogether.
Elfwood is what it is, but when asked what I find of it, then there's room for improvement is all I'm saying.
Nowhere have I been bashing on your precious elfwood. So no need to protect it. It's perfectly safe. ;) lol

2010-05-18 [*Phoenix*]: ..Agreed.....

2010-05-18 [Kyrinn]: Ill be keeping my Elfwood, and probably adding to it in the near future. :) At least I finally got my public art wiki set up enough to be seen. 

2010-05-18 [Hendercrazy]: As far as Elfwood and Elftown goes... I just want to get back to creating fantasy and sci-fi works. That's what I truly enjoy most. :) Be artistically active again, do my part to try to help make both places fun and motivating and interact while I continue to grow as an artist. That's really been the roots reason of why I ever got online in the first place. Granted, this time around I'll also be focusing a bit on selling some prints... but that'll be mostly to help pay for art supplies and donate a bit back into these communities.

2010-05-18 [Sunrose]: Got a new feature up @ Sunny Featured Art :)

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