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An official index listing of Art Wikis here on Elftown!

Welcome! :) This index listing of Elftown folks and their art wikis was created to make discovering, browsing and following fellow Elftowner's art easier than ever! Sure beats having to spend endless hours searching the catacombs of Elftown randomly and aimlessly!

Index Listing Rules

If you'd like to add your own official art wikis to this list... please be sure you follow these easy rules:
1. List your member name first. (Keep it in alphabetical/numerical order!)
2. List your wiki(s) next. (Wikis must be owned by you and contain your own art!)
3. If you do have multiple wikis to list... please separate them with commas!
4. You may put a short tag (in parenthesis) behind your wiki name to quickly describe what kind of art wiki it is. Examples: (Artwork), (Photography), (Photo Manipulations), (Sculptures), (RPG Characters) ect.

[#A][#B][#C][#D][#E][#F][#G][#H][#I][#J][#K][#L][#M][#N][#O][#P][#Q][#R][#S][#T][#U][#V][#W][#X][#Y][#Z][#Numbers][#Symbols][#Regular Username Changers]


[Adaman]: Art of Adaman contains artwork done mostly by hand in pencil (color or monochromatic), and separated into sections based on complexity of color. Mainly characters of ancient, long gone wiki stories.

[Aeolynn]: Art from Aeo includes (Artwork [Traditional and digital mediums], Photography, Photo Manipulations, Sculptures, RPG Characters, OC Characters, OC Species, link for commissions and link to my DA which has more art there.)

[Aliz]: Art of Aliz (Main art page, with links to art wikis and other information. Mainly anime-ish art, fan art and original, with some random other drawing in between <3)

[Anvikit]: Plush All my creepy and cute stuffed critters. -- Color My World Some colorful artwork :D -- Munny Gallery of my custom toy dolls! -- Art of the pen Visions in written word.


[Cassave]: Cassave's Artsy Stuff (Artsy Bits) First Limbo Concept Art (Concept art for a defunct RP)

[Chel.]: Chel-chan's Art (Everything cute, colorful and fruity)

[Chimes]: Chimes' Manipulations (Photomanipulation), Chimes' Art (Digital, traditional, mixed, WIPs, doodles, yeah)

[Duke Devlin]: Dukey's Art (Mainpage of all art), Duke's Writing

[Dirty DaVinci]: No art-wikis at the moment, but I am open to e-mails from people asking for suggestions on techniques. Visit my site and you'll see examples of my work. Specialized in pencils, ink and digital painting/animation. Hyper-,sur- and realism are my specialty, as well as scientific/medical illustrations. You're all welcome to visit. And thanks to [Hendercrazy] for coming up with this fantastic idea!

[Daisy le Fleur]: Jen's Art old works and WIPS, Shutterfly & Neon Graveyard = my photography.

[Daisy_Sandybanks]: Daisy's Drawings (Sketches and drawings), Artistic Photography (Artsy photos).

[Dark Side of the Moon]: The American Civil War (Civil War portraits)



[Flisky]: Flisk_girl's art drawings and (very few) digital works



[Hendercrazy]: Art of Derek Henderson (Art Gallery/Art Store), Dark_Horizons (Art Print/Art Process), Perfect_Balance (Art Print), Another_Year_of_Torture (Art Print), Spazznik (Webcomic)


[Jitter]: for spARTa, jitter progress
[Ms. Steel]: And so it goes (Various and sundry illustrations. Links to my other art-related wikis are at the top of the page)


[jaraden]: Jaraden's drawings (Pencil Artwork)


[Kuramasgirl]: MC's Art Menagerie (Art Gallery; lots of horses)

[Kyrinn]: Artwork by Kyrinn fantasy art, traditionally done and computer work. Mostly traditional.



[Malnu]: Malnu's Art

[moira hawthorne]: Hawthorne's Elftown Art (a good starting place (has links to others if you show an interest))


[nathie]: [new -->]EmpiresNeverLast_Artbook
nathies digital paintings (older artwork) nathies digital paintings2(not so old artwork)

[nehirwen]: Nehirwens Art (mainpage), Nehirwens Photomanipulations

[Nioniel]: Melissa's Stock Images 2010, Tea Bag Buddies



[Pnelma Tirian] - Pnelma's Art (Artwork)



[Ramirez] - Ramirez's Art (Artwork/Writing)

[Ravendust] - Ravendust's Art (Art)

[Rice] - Rice's Art Gallery

[Ravenclaw] Dice Bags by: Ravenclaw (chainmail)


[Serwa] - Art by SirWaka (ART)


[Triola] - Trin's Art (Artwork)

[Bipolar Nonsense] - Art Gallery of A, United Artists, & The Creative Minds of Elftown

[The Last Dragoon] - Deadeye



[Veltzeh] – Veltzeh's pictures (Illustrations)


[wicked fae mage]-sketches wiki, more sketches wiki, nikkis newer drawings (I do draw some suggestive things)...a super wiki page (A few of my stories)



[Yncke] - Per'Bat (Comic)

[Yami]: Cat's art (Art, original and fan stuff...I need a scanner to update this :( )



[*Phoenix*] - (art/poems/stories), April's Characters, April's Photos

Regular Username Changers

Thanks to all who've signed up so far! You can help spread the word by posting a return link back to here from your art wiki(s)! You may use one of the title header images below as well if you wish! Also, be sure to fan this wiki page so a link will show up in your Elftown houses! If you know anyone else that has an art wiki... feel free to encourage them to join. :D



Other Art Wiki related places:
Sunny Featured Art - Featured art chosen by [Sunrose]!
Voila! - Find crits and comments on your art compliments of [NOOOPE]!
What's an Artist? - Give your opinion!
What's an Artist? Funny Edition! - Come laugh and add your own!
Featured Art Archive - Official Elftown page of featured art!
Reflection_Infinity - Art Community
Art Supplies Trove! - Get the skinny on art supplies!
Artisans' Guild - For those of you who are creative with crafts!

Username (or number or email):


2010-05-18 [Sunrose]: Got a new feature up @ Sunny Featured Art :)

2010-05-20 [Dirty DaVinci]: Elfwood is elfwood. I've probably been there longer then most people. Hell, I was in the original first thirty galleries before they did the first overhaul. Now in gallery 66 out of over nine hundred. Hell, got my nickname there because of my art style. There have been changes, good and bad. No biggie. I was more turned off by the attitude of the people. I kept getting attacked over and over because of my artwork. Left the place alone because you get tired of listening to morons complain day in and out. If the collective attitude has improved, I may participate more actively. 

2010-05-21 [*Phoenix*]: Well, that's good. I'm sorry you got so much grief.

I had someone gift me as-long-as-a-report comment about the difference between a dragon and Quetzalcoatl. I had commented on their picture something about it being a cool looking dragon, but there wasn't even a description or anything. I hated how she yelled at me; boy was she mad... >.<

2010-05-21 [Hendercrazy]: [Dirty DaVinci]: Yeah... that stuff can happen from time to time. You just have to take it all with a grain of salt. Besides, there's always the delete option for their comments if push comes to shove. ;) And... if they get continue to harass... you could always report them to the ERB. Bad people can get temporarily banned. If they still come back after that and persist... they could end up permanently banned.

2010-05-21 [Veltzeh]: Anonymous comments can also be prevented, if the trouble was caused by non-members.

2010-05-21 [Dirty DaVinci]: True, all true. :D Or I could just ignore 'em like I do now. Hehehehehehehe

2010-05-21 [Veltzeh]: Always a successful tactic! It's what I do too. ;)

2010-05-24 [Sunrose]: New feature @ Sunny Featured Art ^^

2010-05-26 [Hendercrazy]: For anyone who has joined up the last week or so... welcome! :D Feel free to favorite this wiki so it shows up as a link in your house. You're even welcome to drop the logo in your houses and wikis as well! :) Don't be shy to make announcements here in the comments as well if you have any major updates or even add new wikis. If you know other active artists with art wikis here in ET... hit 'em up and let 'em know about this wiki! Thanks all!

2010-05-28 [*Phoenix*]:


This is spam. Hear it sizzle!

Just so you know, the goal of 50 opinions for What's an Artist? has been met, but there is a new goal of 75! I don't care if it's one line for 50, we need more opinions! I want all of Elftown to have their say in this wiki, darn it!

Also, What's an Artist? Funny Edition! doesn't have hardly any people adding their opinions to it. Get creative and add!

That is all.
*feedback* *loud piercing noise* *shuts off mic*

2010-06-04 [Hendercrazy]: Wow... it's been quiet in here. << >> << Hope you're all workin' on new art stuff! :D :P

2010-06-04 [Veltzeh]: I've been writing, but I'm having a bit of a block on drawing. X)

2010-06-06 [Hendercrazy]: Just added and still under construction...

Art Supplies Trove! - Get the skinny on art supplies!

2010-06-08 [*Phoenix*]: I'm going to be doing more soon. School just got out so I'm going to finished the last few lessons I have in my art program then I'm onto my ideas and uploading my new art here! Woot!

2010-06-10 [Hendercrazy]: Question for you all: As artists/creators... what inspires and motivates you while producing new works?

2010-06-10 [wicked fae mage]: During the project I listen to a lot of music and watch a lot of crime shows. I don't know the reason for that. The inspiration before hand has varied from other contests to wanting to color with vibrant colors for me.

2010-06-10 [*Phoenix*]: People. I tend to do a lot of my drawings for other people here lately. If I see a picture I like I also have an impulse to draw it. Or just something I like in general. I'm into Pokemon and I've been playing my game a lot because I'm out of school so now I want to do a bunch of Pokemon themed pictures.

2010-06-10 [Dirty DaVinci]: Other artwork. Just to prove I can. Or two really different characters. I've fallen into the habit of combining different characters into one. 

2010-06-10 [Veltzeh]: Either the fact that it'll look cool when finished or that the creation process is awesome.

2010-06-10 [Yncke]: Inspiration: everything can inspire. I have a very associative and jumpy mind.
Motivation: um. It's an addiction. Addicts don't need excuses. :)

2010-06-10 [Adaman]: Inspiration can come from anything, even a simple breeze. Motivation is a bit more tricky, but I've noticed that an alcohol intoxication can bring about a good amount of desire to finish. Unfortunately, you get too drunk and all you can do is lay around. Moderation is important for motivation, one could say. Some motivation less likely to cause a stir would be a significant other, passion is good motivation for anything.

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