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Art Store Art Lessons


Welcome! This new section of The Art Store is going to be for artists of all levels to get some good practice!

What is this?

This wiki is where I, [Lady of Lore] will post an art topic. I'll discuss somethings I've learned about it, techniques and tips as well as link some good pictures, tutorials, etc that I find that I think will be helpful.

Then, you as the students in this class, will do a minimum of ten, count them 10 drawings that follow that topic. These can be sketches, drawing, paintings, etc. As long as its art, it works. I'm not expecting things to be super high quality nor for presentation but more for the nitty gritty practice. The drawings could all be one inch by one inch drawings for all I care.

So how long do I get to do my 10 drawings?

You get two weeks! That's it! Of course you can come back, redo drawings, add more, and so on but to be a part of the next part of class you need to have ten drawings up here.


Because the second part of this class will be looking at what your classmates have done. The idea is to learn not only from your own drawings but to learn from your peers.

And then what?

And then each of us will choose one of our drawings and fix it up, redo it, whatever and put it up here again.

And then after that, I'll change the topic and it will begin all over again!

November's Topic

Human Torso (Male or female)


Good Pictures/Examples:


July Submissions - Noses
August Submissions - Wings and Feathers
November Submissions - The Human Torso (male or female)


Topic Suggestions:
Here is where you post any ideas for future lessons. Say you've been really wanting to draw feathers but you could use some extra help, well here is where you would post your request!

  - How about ears? [Kahri]

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2008-08-01 [Galatea]: I agree with that, there are so many shapes and detailed ears are tough for me.

2008-08-01 [Lady of Lore]: Yay, new topic!

2008-08-02 [Galatea]: I have a suggested site to visit! She doesn't draw feathers but ON them, anyway there are some really good close ups of the feathers themselves and I thought it might be nice to see something you could do with actual feathers. She has quite a few of these in her gallery.

Also I recently did a wing tutorial for a friend of you want to me send you a copy?

2008-08-04 [Lady of Lore]: Feel free to add them to the appropriate sections in the above ^_^

2008-08-05 [Galatea]: Alrighty, I will do so!

2008-08-08 [Captain Rachel Black]: Looks good, Lady! How do I join?

2008-08-08 [Galatea]: Just join in! :D We have a little while longer to do 10 different feathers, you can do separate pictures or like the last time we put a bunch on one page and then just submit them in the August submissions page. There are tutorials for examples and help if you need it. :) 

Sorry to answer for Lady, I didn't think she would mind too much.

2008-08-08 [Captain Rachel Black]: I don't think she will either, and thank you :)

2008-08-08 [Captain Rachel Black]: So I could draw many variations like an angel, or a griffin?

2008-08-08 [Lady of Lore]: Just jump on in! ^_^ Please do, anyone can join! ^_^

2008-08-20 [Lady of Lore]: *pokes everyone!* Wakes up! ^__^ Bring on the feathers and winged things!

2008-08-20 [Kahri]: I will soon! But my tablet has been acting up! :'( I will get to work on it as soon as I can!!!

2008-08-20 [Galatea]: Oh yes, I will get on that...I haven't had a day off from work in about 5 days and I have family over now but as soon as everyone leaves I will get on this!

2008-08-21 [Lady of Lore]: Awww...sorry abouts your tablet! I'd be so sad without mine!

No worries, i'm just making sure I stir the life in this wiki from time to time so that it won't die.

2008-08-21 [Kahri]: kk, I just got my tablet fixed today, so I will do what I can to get at least a few feathers put up. YEAH my baby's not broken no more!!!

2008-08-21 [Galatea]: Yay and congrats on getting your tablet fixed!

2008-08-22 [Kahri]: Thanks!

2008-08-22 [Galatea]: You're very welcome! :D

2008-09-28 [Lady of Lore]: Sorry I lagged behind here! I'll try and get updated withing the next few days and open October's topic. (been busy with school etc)

2008-09-28 [Galatea]: no problem, we understand. I have been lagging myself and while I want to get back into this, my hubby and I will be moving soon so you may not see much of me for a bit.

2008-10-08 [Lady of Lore]: Next topic is up!

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