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Hello, are you tired of all these "Rock" and "punk" bands who are total sell outs and give rock a bad name. These retarted bands that they play on the radio constantly not giving you the choice of listening to anything good and true? If so, then you need to join today and FIGHT for Rock n' Roll! Just add your name below. Soon we shall have a hit list, a good music list and a to do list. But for now all we have to offer is the pride of adding your name. Please be sure to watch this wiki page to know when changes are made. Thank you so much and if you know exactly what I'm talking about when it comes to bands like Good Charlotte and Yellowcard.... then add your name below! I salute you!

PS please add "Private" next to your name. If you think you have more experience and training in rock message me and I'll find you a suitable rank. Oh and I am [*_* Smiley on Ecstasy].

[*_* Smiley on Ecstasy] Commander in Chief
[merovingian] Lieutenant General : I shall serve for our country of rock
[Son of Northern Darkness] Sergeant Major: Rap is not Music
[metalhendrix] First Sergeant: i live for rock n roll man
[Pontius Pilate] Master Sergeant: I listen to anything I can't categorize into a 'genre'.
[Dragonis999] Master Sergeant: of the air force.
[-Tis Jon-]Master Sergeant: I'm Tired of all this bullshit, that they keep selling me on T.V, about the communist clan
[Mitsuharu]Master Sergeant: Down with the Chavs! Rock will prevail!
[The Beastie] Sergeant First Class
[It isn't so bad here.] Staff Sergeant Merk, reporting for duty.
[black christmas] Sergeant
[rooski]Sergeant:NO MOR EMO!!!
[xViciousWhisperx] Sergeant: Got rock?
[!MiDGE!] Sergeant
[squeezy] Sergeant
[Wallstring] Sargeant: come on, dirt-bags!
[Shithead101] Corporal
[deranged-bugosh] Corporal: DOWN WITH GC and SP!
[Dragonthryth] Private
[Erestor] Private: Shoot that Benji down!!
[demonsky] Private: music is everything..!!!run Benji
[Adam Avenger] Private
[Distilled~Angel] Private
[sarcasticsigh.] Private
[i like] Private: i cant let rock go bad. i fight till i die.
[Jeeska] Private
[fjdka] Private: i just love rock sooo much.... i listen to no other music than that....
[~AbraKaDagger~] Private, bitch! >.<
[Appetite for Destruction] Private: Guns N' Roses FOREVER!
[maruchi] Private: me wuvs rock! ^^
[ravens shadow] Private
[nobody is here] Private: Rock is the only REAL music everything else just isn't music.
[firefaerie333] Private: i can SING ya know? i can play as well.
[i blackin my eyes in the name of love] Private
[tenaciousJ] Private: I'm in a band!!!!! w00t II gigs biotch!!!!
[Xheart of stichesX] Private
[x Shane x] Private
[Simply_Nobody] Private
[{travesty}] Private: Fuck the images
[Tears Of Glass] Private: -My love is rock...what else must i say...
[bluefarie] Private: -army of rock rules!
[punx unite] - Private :D
[bigfootsmallhead] - Private... put me on the frontlines, baby!
[lips like morphine] Private:LETS START A WAR AT THE GAY BAR GAY BAR!!!!*lol*!
[Just sum chick] private
[the synth music geek] Ambassador of Rock to other types of music.
[pixi prince of chaos] Private:Ready and willing to rock out
[Subliminal. Love. Sick.] Private: "I don't believe the Beatles...I just believe in me"-John Lenon
[Queen Ansem] Private
[Typical Cracka Behavior] Terrorist
[DELETED4VA!!!!] Private: because she was a samurai.......
[New Years Revolution] Rock is the only music I'd ever wanna listen to.
[Venus 53] Private. Rock ROCKS!! well... obviously...
[DracoDormiens] Private: True Norwegian Black Metal... Rarrh.
[prowlie]Private. gotta be. grrrr shoot the posers!
[Moucher]Private: Rock is life
[Mr. Crowley] Private

>>> Army of Rock Banners
>>> The Train (poem about the man!)

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2006-10-13 [Son of Northern Darkness]: *gasp* you mean led lepplin made a song other than stairway(the most overrated guitar solo ever)?? im being sarcastic i too listen to more than just stairway

2006-10-16 [Venus 53]: yeh. stairway's an orrite song but they did heaps of other stuff and u can't judge a band by one song, especially not a famous one.

2006-10-16 [Jeed]: oi this place sucks

2006-10-16 [Son of Northern Darkness]: Yeah the solo on Dazed and Confused is awsome, i love it,

2006-10-18 [the synth music geek]: meh I'm just tired of arguing with kids in my area, who call themselves great guitar players, because they can play the "Stairway" intro or "Smoke on the Water"

2006-10-18 [Son of Northern Darkness]: Smoke on the water is the easiest intro ever... actually Come as you are by Nirvana is easier but hell they barely qualify for a band anyway

2006-10-19 [the synth music geek]: meh. in terms of songwriting, i think they've earned the respect. i mean, even band/orch directors, think they were good. but with the exception of Dave, they weren't musicians that set the bar high, as far as playing their instruments.

2006-10-19 [the synth music geek]: i think it was good that they actualy, seperated the guitar and bass parts, whereas today, the bass and the guitar play the same notes.

2006-10-20 [Mr. Crowley]: works great with Sabbath though...
but then again, the new bands can't be compared with Sabbath...

2006-10-20 [Son of Northern Darkness]: eh, i think Nirvana was the most overated band ever,

2006-10-25 [the synth music geek]: i agree. i honestly think it was kurt's death, that secured their imortal status. and now every generation of piss off kids can "relate" to his music forever.

2006-10-25 [deranged-bugosh]: this might piss a lot of people off...but the beatles were way overrated as well. given i love the beatles, but they were

2006-10-25 [Son of Northern Darkness]: the beatles are immortal, im not a fan, but i respect what they did for music. but they wouldnt be able to stand up to todays musicians, but then again without them we wouldnt have todays music, and yeah now every emo can slit their wrists while listening to Kurt bitch about how shitty his life is, Guitar World did the top one hundred greatest guitar albums ever, andNevermind was number 8. WHAT THE FUCK???? Kurt was so god awful on guitar, i couldnt believe it, there was no Dragonforce, and no B.B. King, i was pissed

2006-10-25 [Mr. Crowley]: yeah...
makes me wonder who makes those lists...
they're always fucked, rolling stone magazine makes just as fucked lists...

2006-10-25 [Son of Northern Darkness]: yeah, Zepplin 4 was number one, GNR's Appitite was two, Hendrix had one at 3 Metallica's Puppets was 4,

2006-10-25 [.Toxic Valentine.]: *sings* cos its the pick of destiny child ....

2006-10-25 [Son of Northern Darkness]: WTF????

2006-10-26 [the synth music geek]: i also believe that the same principle "sudden death equals everlasting fame" applies to Lennon. because his career was sort of slagging. "Imagine" for example, reached number 6 and number 3 in the UK and the US, respectively. It was then re released the MONTH he died, and it reached number 1.

i think both bands deserve credit for there work. but i think the reason why there aren't a whole lot of good rock bands, these days, is because, EVERYONE is trying to get back to basics and trying to be like Bob Dylan or Jimmy Page. and the one thing that happens in all of this, is that a lot of rock and roll artists, that are similar to others in talent, and only become famous, because they manage to strike a chord (no pun intended) with the right fans (the ones that will "hustle" for them).

I think Frank Zappa said it best when said, "I don't care whether I'm remembered...after I am dead and gone, there's no need to deal with any of this stuff, because it is not written for future generations."

although I admit, I'd like to be remembered for any music that I turn out, professionally. I just would hate to have 14-year-old fans, misinterpret anything I wrote.

2006-10-27 [Son of Northern Darkness]: i dont know the thought of sixty thousand+ fans chanting my lyrics with me is kinda appealing.

2006-10-29 [the synth music geek]: that's why you give the PA system full power. lol. or I preform a song occasionally (parodizing Screamo music) that involves incoherent shouting of random words. you could try that, in all your songs. lol

2006-10-30 [Son of Northern Darkness]: anybody here an Opeth fan?

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