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2003-04-19 [buckin_fonkers]: added "u" into the heading as it was missing from "armour"

2003-04-19 [buckin_fonkers]: i have also corrected spelling of sergeant but left it in the link

2003-04-19 [buckin_fonkers]: corrected mispelt link to "sergeants" so it tied in with the "sergeants" link on the sword page

2004-05-27 [Wæfre]: Pray, how does one become a Guard or Patroller?

2004-05-28 [Nita]: Guard: you can't do anything about it. Patroller: write good reports :)

2004-05-28 [Wæfre]: And how does one report?

2004-05-29 [Nita]: Using the "report" button in the house of the person you want to report. Don't forget to read the Uploading Art Rules a few times ;)

2004-07-02 [Dragon Flash]: There is no "u" in armor

2004-07-12 [Lord Kügenheim]: probably because its the "american" spelling, see here in England we speak *propperly* and we write that way too. no dropping of "U"s here Its COLOUR not COLOR!!!

2004-07-13 [Wæfre]: hey, why dont we circumvent this whole (potential) argument and decide to spell "armo(u)r" as "Kahdtchupwokee"

2004-09-28 [BirdHouse107]: i would love it if i had the oppurtunity to become an elftown patroller so could somebody please give me some tips on what to do to become one please???

2004-09-28 [Anonymous]: Read the Uploading Art Rules. Understand the Uploading Art Rules. Find houses breaking the rules. Learn to report properly: What breaks the rules, and link to the image displayed that is breaking the rules. Do not mistake a lot with reports. Do not report silly things. Do not expect becoming a patroller because of reporting. Do not expect becoming a guard if you become a patroller. *End of series of tips*

2005-03-17 [curator angelus]: is patroler a new thing?

2005-03-18 [Nita]: Not really...

2005-03-19 [curator angelus]: of ok

2005-06-08 [Morrigon]: Im so glad this place is against stolen art. Seriously. I've seen so many places where 12 year old kids are allowed to say they did artwork that the true artists have spent so much time working on. hah sorry I'm rambling

2005-06-09 [Wæfre]: hey, round here, rambling is kind of a daily (hourly?) occurrence.

2005-06-09 [Morrigon]: daily, hourly, minutely? i don't think that's a word. Hmm...

2005-06-17 [Wæfre]: more like "happening all the time" than "minutely", now that I think about it

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