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Character name: Arlan Wyndam
Race: Human
Age: 34
Description: A very well built man, some would call him a bit of a tank. He looks as if he were chiseled from stone as far as muscle tone goes, but what true warrior doesn't? As far as facial features go, he isn't the best looking man, but he is quite Defined. His eyebrows are bushy, and protrude out somewhat giving him a slight Neanderthal look. Eyes are whited out almost completely with cataracts from being heavily damaged in his youth, leaving him completely blind. High cheek bones narrow down slightly into a squared jaw, face its self heavily scarred. Like mentioned before, he's very well muscled, and his olive complexion only does more to give him that stalwart look.
Occupation: Rogue/mercenary
History: Not too terribly much to say. He wasn't born into the wealthiest of families, but his father was a decorated warrior. His family was wiped out completely when he was but a young child, he himself fleeing to the forest during the onslaught. Wondering through the wood, he was viciously attacked by a wolf, leaving him the scars and eyes he has today. But out of a show of compassion, he allowed the animal to live, and a much more useful gift was bestowed onto him for his pure actions. With his sight taken, he was given a gift over nature its self, the fauna roaming the world would be his to control. And by using this, he had no use for sight, the world around could see for him.
Personality: Very withdrawn from society, he prefers to deal with the animals he's come to love. But this is often mistaken for a coldness to people, and they sadly overlook his kind nature due to this.
Weapon of choice: He carries a lance of sorts, hilt and shaft made out of a unique metal, while the elongated double edged blade at the end, made of obsidian, and holds an edge sharper than any steel weapon ever could.
Relations: Besides his bestial companions companions? Hah, don't make me laugh.
Abilities: He was given a gift to commune, and to an extent, control the animal life around him. But once a connection is forged, they literally become a part of him, if they are slain, it won't kill him, but he feels their pain for sure.

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