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2004-04-16 17:44:45
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2004-04-16 [JoJo the Evil Monkey]: you go first

2004-04-16 [JoJo the Evil Monkey]: wuts ur email?

2004-04-16 [JoJo the Evil Monkey]: ill add u so we can tell each other when the turns change

2004-04-16 [Blood Raven]: add me to what? sorry for my newbie questions, but I may not be a newbie in RPG fighting, I am in this little bushido house of cyan

2004-04-16 [Blood Raven]: aha, an friend relation, yes that will be handy indeed. At least we can see when we are both online then

2004-04-16 [JoJo the Evil Monkey]: no i meant give me your hotmail and this isnt the house of bushido

2004-04-16 [Blood Raven]: well whatever. there's a link to that so I was thinking this was a part of it. But I did notice you have separate char pages, so I was halfway in the proces of understanding this is separate ^___^

2005-03-14 [$$matt$$]: im ready

2006-03-05 [IcyFollower]: i'm ready

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