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Archives: Fiction



The Great Misadventure by [Madame Black]
*Artsie_ladie's* Coloring Book by [Artsieladie]
The Emperor's Birdkeeper by [playslashwrite]



Mouldysocks and the Three Bears by [Dark Side of the Moon]
Zoot Suit Bandits by [Tyrana]


Fan Fiction

Drabble by [blbardsley]
Dream Drabble by [blbardsley]
Not exactly the Oscar Awards by [Lankin]



Willoweed by [Dark Side of the Moon]
The Memoirs of Kaldin by [Bretwalda]
New Day by [Bretwalda]
Taking Over by [Phenomenon]
Antares by [Remial]
Kunas Meets Ragnûl by [Shining light]
The Legeands of Inari by [Wes Foxx]
Funtosee, the Dwarf, the Unabridged by [Artsieladie]
My Neighbour's Secret Life Enriched My Soul! by [Artsieladie]
Stories by Elbereth a collection of fantasy by [~Valkyrie~]



The Clock by [Dark Side of the Moon]
Vampire Story Thing by [Madame Black]
Return... by [Madame Black]
AsthemistclearsPandora by [Cascading water lillies]
L'esprit de l'escalier by [Linderel]
Wallflower by [Linderel]
Blood Drop by: [Eyden13]


Science Fiction

The Next Amendment Story by [Kaimee]
The Dandelion Fiasco by [Kiki the Witch]
Part One: Musings by [Kiki the Witch]


Short Stories

Butterflies by [Penguinlord]
Permanence by [Penguinlord]
ShortStories by [Cascading water lillies]
White Oak & Black Cedar by [Galain]
sgd - Time by [stevedoyle]
Remembrance by [Linderel]
The Unicorn and the Wizardess by [Dark Side of the Moon]
Boys don't cry. by [Linderel]
Reunion by [Linderel]
The Crone by [Linderel]
Trapped by [Linderel]
Midsummer Tantrum by [Eyden13]



Hitchhiking Part One by [blbardsley]
Hitchhiking Part Two by [blbardsley]
Midnightwalks by [Kayne]
PAWN by [Remial]


Unfinished Work

Untitled Index by [BinaryPhoenix]
The Story of Mithrandir by [Nymphette]
Forbidden Lust by [Poindextra]
Ancient Evil by [-tsukasa-]
Xaadn by [Tyrana]
Barry Cotter and the Sorcerer's Bone by [Mortified Penguin]
Till Danderfluff by [Mortified Penguin]
Charlie Brown: Smokin' Deuces by [Mortified Penguin]
Branches Off Semmelrogg by [NOOOPE]
Riley's and Elliot's school take over by [Eyden13]
We suck at life, but were wicked cool by [Eyden13]


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