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Language and Script of the Water Lords, the Marid and the Aquan Elementals


Aquan is the language of the natives of the realm of Aquaea, the Elemental Realm of Water.

The Marid Lords (a race of Genie) once made a pact with the Aquatic Elves (Sashelans), the Merfolk and other small factions in an epic battle in the ancient War of the Titans, on Tearra Réhm, when the island city of Vxa was formed in a cataclysmic event that sent the island and its patrons into the seas and to freedom. The Titans (and all of their kin) were since ousted, and banned from ever returning to the great continent on Jashnia again. No descendent of Horamont has since stepped on Tearra Réhm's shores.
The city of Vxa represents one of the most influential and meaningful events in Sashelan, Merfolk, Sylvan and Titanic histories, and because of this, the Aquaean language has held more stature in Jashnia than any other elemental tongue or script. Aquaean descends from Aquan, a script that dates back to the first days of the Reign of Genies in the Elemental Realms, and is the common tongue of the Aquaean Elves, as well as most merfolk and those undersea factions of Jashnia who hold and honor (most often) an allegiance with the Royal Family of Vxa.

Aquan ....




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2006-03-19 [xido]: This is for you, my dearest Civalya de Sairafaen.  ;) :*

2006-03-19 [Sairafaen]: Thanks babe! I love the fact that you like it so much! I worked for days on the letter concepts... to see them finished makes me all gooey inside ;P!!! I'm so glad that you posted them for me...

2006-03-19 [Sairafaen]: [xido]... Please remind me to finish the title and major location glyphs, as well as the races/species glyphs. I want to get them done soon so that we can post them up here as well, although I'm not sure whether I like them being thrown into the Aquan page, it makes them harder to find for someone who is actually looking for this particular script. Just an idea....

2006-03-19 [Sairafaen]: Although, Aquaean is stemmed from Aquan, I would like to think that they are very different... I can see where it would be easier to relate them, but this page is going to get awful big once we post the Aquan script, not to mention the additional glyphs for Aquaean I have to eventually add... It's good enough for now, but I think we should contemplate giving Aquaean it's own page once you have Aquan done.

2006-03-23 [xido]: I am not really all that worried about the size of these pages. If it gets too big, or to the point where it is too much information to take in off one page, I will change it, but they are too closely linked not to keep them together for now.

2006-03-27 [Sairafaen]: I know, I was just pointing it out for future referance! :D

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