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April Fools Day Photography Contest 2011


The April Fools Day Photography Competition of '11


deadline: April 8, 2011

RULES can be found on April Fools Day Festival


How to post your Entry:
Add your username and entry to the list underneath the last entry posted.
Number your entry, thumbnail them to 300, and separate each entry with the <hr> tag.

To enter this contest you have to submit a new photo combined with a proofphoto with an item taken during the same photoshoot.
This has two reasons:
- The proofphoto shows that the picture is yours.
- The pictures don't have to be new, but you will need to take a proof photo of the items in your photo to prove it's yours. So if you can't take a proof photo, you can't use it, sorry.

The proof photo should be the person/thing from your photo with: A card. (e.g. a business card, a playing card, a Blue-Eyes White Dragon, a holographic Charizard, etc.)

Thumbnail your proof photo to 100.



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April Fools Day Festival

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