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3189) April Fools Day Poetry. (Administrator: [Thunder Cid])

Number of voters: 6
* a) The Real April Fool
Number of votes: 1 (17%) Voters: [Jitter]

* b) What's so funny?
Number of votes: 4 (67%) Voters: [nehirwen], [dawn bolly], [Chimes], [FamousPanda]

* c) This guy I knew.
Number of votes: 1 (17%) Voters: [Alexi Ice]

The Real April Fool
Who is the real April Fool?
One who isn't quite as cruel.
Falls for everyone else's jokes.
Doesn't urinate in other peoples cokes.
Doesn't try to ruin everyone's day.
It doesn't get him down when others say,
Mean things and pull pranks all day long.
That takes someone really strong.
But sometimes enough is enough,
and everyone else isn't quite as tough.
He plays the best joke of all on the whole school.
And he who laughs last is the real April Fool.

What's so funny?
He laughed,
I laughed,
And we laughed,
It wasn't funny
Just the timing
Must have been
We giggled
And chuckled
He flicked my nose
And kissed my cheek.
Next year maybe
I can finally catch
Him off gaurd but
For now we laughed.
At nothing.
Until tears welled up.
In our eyes.
It was embarrasing,
But it was april fools
So a little embarrasment
Was to be expected.
He laughed,
I laughed,
And we laughed,
Even if we were
Laughing at nothing
The only thing that mattered
Was him, and I.

This guy I knew.
I once knew a guy, whose face fell of,
One day he woke up and it just slipped down.
How can one act without a mask?
I mean I need at least ten to keep my grip firm.
His eyes don’t sparkle anymore,
The windows are closed,
And the lights are off.
I would sing for him but he has no ears,
You can’t lip read a tune now can you?
I would offer to cook for him,
But after he kept screaming I was forced to sew his lips shut.
Really, the noise was all too dreadful.
Now he can’t even move,
That jacket’s real good at restraining
And taming.
To stop him blaming,
His misfortunes and blunders,
His miseries,
And catastrophes,
On little old me, with my jokes,
And my laughs.
Seriously how is this not funny?
How are you not smiling with me?
It’s April after all,
We’re meant to fall,
Flat on our faces,
And be filled with disgraces.
Oh by the way you need to tie your laces.
HA – got you!

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2009-06-24 [Lothuriel]: Was I suppose to get this invite or is there some sort of weird bug in Elftown?

2009-06-24 [nehirwen]: You were supposed to, I hope you don't mind.

2009-06-24 [Lothuriel]: Nope, it's quite alright. I am getting notified for wiki comments for wikis that have not been commented on since April or March. I was making sure it wasn't some sort of mistake or something weird going on. I haven't been here for a bit. I had computer problems then, family time. I wanted to make sure I hadn't missed some weird crash/bug or antyhign.

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