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In Elftown, everyone can do something to help or contribute to the community. You can create wiki-pages that explain how to draw dragons, or pages for meeting like-minded people. Everyone can report members that don't follow the uploading art rules or who just aren't behaving. Check out Elftown - Contribution and Contribute for all the various ways in which you can help our community.

But some people want - and have the time - to help in bigger ways; by maintaining official Competitions, or running projects like the ECM, or even helping with some of the features on Main Street. Of course, if we spot people like that ourselves then we're happy to let them join our ranks without them having to apply. But there are only a few of us, and many of us are busy doing all the fore-mentioned things! So if you have the time, and really want to help out, then this page is here to help you get our attention, and to help us find the people who are prepared to dedicate lots of their time to running Elftown without any reward!

Here is your chance to get the power, badges and all other fancy stuff that really shouldn't be the reason for applying to the crew!


What you need to do

1) You need a good general knowledge of Elftown. If you can't handle almost everything about forums, polls, wiki-pages and don't know the Elftown rules very well, then don't apply yet.
- If you don't know at least most of the pseudo HTML, don't apply.
- If you don't know how to use the forums, don't apply.
- If you're not planning on using the forums, don't apply.
- If you're not sure of the rules, don't apply.

2) You need to be able to read and write English well.
- Dun typ lyke dis
- We don't require perfect English, but you have to at least be able to use legible English that others can easily understand.

3) Your goals for Elftown should agree with Elftown's. If you want to go berserk on everyone who looks ugly, then don't apply!
- Crew members have to be at least somewhat nice and professional.
- Crew members need to be able to keep a cool control over their emotions during discussions.
- Crew members should be able to make unbiased decisions without putting their friends' first in situations.

4) You should have proven yourself. As written above, you don't need any permission to do most stuff here on Elftown. Even if you only have created the Big Boobs Dragon Competition, are running the forum "Medieval fencing" that no one uses and have written a subpar report, it's better than someone who just says they can do all this, but never has.
- Write in forums! Use them, if only to comment on Main Street news and say hello.
- Enter contests, official or non-official.
- Be nice and helpful to other members; answer questions they may ask on wiki-pages.
- Create wiki-pages, show that you know how to use the site's HTML.

5) You should explain what you will do as a member of the crew and for how long. Note: We don't want newbies that get all excited by Elftown for a month and then will get tired of it. Therefore, people who have been for a long time, are generally better.
- We want to know what you can bring to the Elftown Crew that we don't have currently.
- We want to know what you're good at, your talents, and what you think you'd be best at.
- We want to know what official jobs you think we should give you.
- Do NOT try to apply to be one of the following: Guards, Wiki Bosses, Mayor, ViceMayor or Magicians!
  - We appreciate your enthusiasm and desire to help out, but the above positions are only held by members who are already on the Crew and have earned a considerable amount of trust in addition to their trained experience.

6) You should be able to get along with the sullen assholes in the crew, and have a great patience with people.
- The Council doesn't really like suck ups.
- No one likes assholes, narcissists or intolerable people.
- This doesn't mean you have to be friends with or even like everyone, just be able to get along regardless.
- Patience is a virtue that you must possess.

7) You should think this is fun!

8) If you can come up with an eighth point, it shows that you have ideas. We like ideas! If you can be someone with ideas and who will carry them out then you're set.
- Ideas are good!
- However, people who can take an idea and put it on a page are even better.



There is no deadline! This goes on forever and good applications get picked at any time. If you aren't chosen, that can be because we're not so sure about you or that we just don't need more help right now. However, we can change our minds if you help us (see Sorting, below).


Sorting and tips

Your application will be put in one of the three sections: high, medium or low.

Low means your application and/or membership needs a lot of improvement before we can consider you.
What to do: Try to fulfill the requirements listed above, correct your spelling and make sure you are following the Uploading Art Rules.

Medium means your application is OK in the basics, but there could be things you can improve.
What to do: Think of making your application more interesting, contributing to the community, participating in the forums or reporting UAR-violators. Members with a note have a shot at 'high' if they follow what the note says.

High is the short-list from which we pick new crew members. This is a slow process because crew newbies need someone to mentor them and something to do (otherwise they might get confused or bored and leave).
What to do: Look around for places and projects that need more crew love, or think of new things the crew should take care of (and why). Hang out in the Elftown, {something} forums (Newbie Questions, Suggestions etc.). Volunteer to help wherever you can be helpful. And, of course, don't be shy to update and improve your application page - but leave a note on this page if you do, so we can re-evaluate your application! :)

General guidelines
Remember that the amount of text does not making something better. However showing proper (British) English, your interests and your work on Elftown does. Be clear and concise; try to stand out from the other applicants.

Be actives on the wiki, in forums or as a patroller. Show off your efforts in making Elftown better will help to make you stand out.

We will not explain what exactly is wrong with an application if it is missing something, if we have something to say then you'll hear from us. Also, please do not message Crew members asking for an opening in a position; you may however ask them what the work they do entails.

If your house is inactive for forty (40) days or more your application will be moved to inactive member applications.



Examples of successful applications:

[Nioniel] - A Phoenix Rising for Council!
[Chel.] - Woohoo! Chel for Crew!
[Flisky] - Just wanna help
[Thunder Cid] - Thunder Cid for the Crew
[wicked fae mage] - wicked fae mage's resume
[Rice] - Keyser's Crew Application
[Lord Josmar] - Lord Josmar's Bid for Dominion
[Ravendust] - Raven's Crew Campaign
[Stephen] - Stephen for Council





[Lakayana] - amazing campaign
[kians mummy] - sammie h for crew -Big update: 2013-03-19


How to apply?

Add the link to your campaign-wiki-page at the bottom of the page!

Example: [Hedda] - hedda for mayor

[The Black Goat] - Nox for Crew and Council
[Sagacious Turkey] - That Turkey Guy for Retired Crew

Username (or number or email):


2009-08-13 [Chimes]: My feet are staying firmly on the ground tonight. :P

2009-08-13 [Aeolynn]: Why are you sorry Chimes? lol... it's Mort that needs to apologize to Ravendust >=P

2009-08-13 [Chimes]: I didn't mean that comment. I meant the comment after it, it seems rather harsh compared to my normal commenting style.

2009-08-13 [nehirwen]: My feet are a bit wobly atm.. O.o

2009-08-13 [Aeolynn]: Well I'm serious about Mort's apology, it was really rude of him, especially to another person trying to become part of crew, especially that he himself is also going towards that same goal.

2009-08-13 [Nioniel]: I know it's not keeping with the subject of the current conversation, but I edited my appy again.

2009-08-13 [Chimes]: Thank you for letting us know, Phoenix.

2009-08-13 [Mortified Penguin]: I must express my sincerest apologies to [Ravendust] for my egregious behavior. I'm sorry for doing that thing that I did. It's just... I was freaking out because I had just finished snorting a dime bag of cocaine... Now, I know that's no excuse, but perhaps we can all get past this and become friends. ...*rubs teeth*...

2009-08-14 [Ravendust]: I appreciate the apology, thank you.

2009-08-14 [Alexi Ice]: Even though it was weird O.o?

2009-08-14 [Mortified Penguin]: Shh, man... sshhhhh...... *waves hands around*... whoa...

2009-08-15 [Nioniel]: :) No problem. Is it a good thing that I post here when I update, or would you rather I just let you all look at it in your own time?

2009-08-15 [Chimes]: Well, if you don't post here we may not know you edited it, so it's always best to post here to be safe. :)

2009-08-16 [Ravendust]: Mine was updated

2009-09-08 [Nioniel]: Updated again!

2009-09-09 [Mortified Penguin]: Mine was updated... not that it matters, because it has still yet to be looked at.

2009-09-09 [Alexi Ice]: Wrong word choice, Mort. People have looked at it. It's yet to be sorted.

2009-09-09 [Mortified Penguin]: Gotcha. *wink*


2009-09-15 [nehirwen]: Then write yourself an app. ;)

2009-09-16 [Alexi Ice]: And may I suggest the app not be in all caps ^^

2009-09-18 [Ihsahn]: This isn't fake btw.

2009-09-26 [Morrigon]: It's much greener ^.^

2009-10-01 [Sagacious Turkey]: Not to complain, but I've been waiting patiently since July... it is now October...

2009-10-02 [Nioniel]: [donezo], [bluefarie], [deletedguy], [Like Sun Through The Rain], [Suicidal Moon], [thisfleshatomb], [defiant link] & [your naked night] have all been inactive for 40 days or more.

2009-10-02 [Chimes]: Yeah, I'll get to it.

2009-10-02 [Nioniel]: Ptthhdd!

2009-10-08 [DarkJenni]: I did apply but it's been such a long time that it must be deleted

2009-10-08 [nehirwen]: It's on Inactive Member Applications. You want us to put your apply back here? :)

2009-10-08 [DarkJenni]: yes pls. :)

2009-10-08 [DarkJenni]: thanks. ^_^

2009-10-08 [Sagacious Turkey]: Would someone mind explaining why my application was placed in the "medium" section? I meet all of the "General guidelines" and the requirements to make it into the "high" section. The only thing I don't do often on Elftown is report people. Maybe I just need to go on a spree and report hundreds at a time before I can be trusted... I'm beginning to believe the sorting for this is merely a popularity contest. I don't even think my application was looked at. It has three watchers: Me, [LinkTurrner], and [Mortified Penguin]. I would think that at least 1 of the 32 council members should maybe watch it or comment on it or anything. Heck, even reading it might help, but I've seen no signs of anyone doing that.

I wouldn't complain if it were not for the awful management of this wiki. It shouldn't take 3+ months to simply look at and rate an application. I'm not sure how many people are assigned to keep up with this wiki, but it's obviously not enough. Maybe you guys have other, more important things to do, but surely you can review an application in at least a week. That is, if you actually review them... which I'm seriously beginning to doubt. Maybe some different crew members need to be assigned to work here or something. Get a few that will work efficiently and actually help people with their applications.

2009-10-08 [Sagacious Turkey]: Also, there are members up there who have been inactive for way longer than 40 days, yet they remain there. Is it really that hard to look at a house or two a day and see how long they've been gone for? Then you simply move the application if the member has been gone for a while... It really isn't that difficult. You people are on the council for a reason (unless I'm right and it is just a popularity contest), so do your jobs, please.

2009-10-08 [Sagacious Turkey]: If an application like Lobsang's Campaign (who has been gone for longer than 40 days) is qualified enough to make it into the "high" section, surely mine and several others are too.

2009-10-08 [Ravendust]: [Sagacious Turkey]- I'm sure that your application was read over and contemplated decently enough. Just because somebody is not watching the page does not mean it has not been read. It has also been said that:

"We will not explain what exactly your application is missing. If we have something to say, then you'll hear from us."

And also:

"Remember, the amount of text does not make it better. However, showing proper (British) English, your Elftown work and interests does. Try to stand out from the rest.
Be active in wikis, forums or as patroller. Showing your effort in building and being a part of Elftown will also make you stand out.

You were placed in medium because your application is okay, but it can be improved upon. The requirements listed being met don't automatically throw you into the 'High' category. I'm sure a good portion of us have discussed all of the requirements in our applications. Take some time to read over and improve your application, prove that you can make it into the high group, but don't antagonize.

This is a big site with plenty of competitions and other things that require the attention of the crew. If you want to be helpful, then do so. One thing another applicant did was list the members that have been inactive for longer than 40 days, something easy that any of us could do. Think of ways that you can do things to help ease the burden on the crew, that's the best way to go about it.

2009-10-08 [nehirwen]: Surprisingly we can read wikis without putting them on watch or comment indeed. >.>
And you don't know what the exact requirements are to be put in high, perhaps you should try to get out of trouble just a bit longer, and do helpful stuff. ;)
I'm sure Chimes will take care of the apps of members that are gone for 40+ days when she isn't ill anymore, we're only human after all.

2009-10-08 [Sagacious Turkey]: So you all read over the applications and discuss them? Or does one single person, whoever is feeling productive that day, decide themselves?

2009-10-08 [Aeolynn]: Complaining and being snobby isn't helping anything either, you two.

2009-10-08 [Mortified Penguin]: lol u mad?

2009-10-08 [Sagacious Turkey]: [Aeolynn] - Who are you talking to?
[Mortified Penguin] - I'll kill your family.

2009-10-08 [Mortified Penguin]: I'm going to assume she is talking to me and you. Though, if she is, she is wrong. I'm neither being snobby nor am I complaining... Turk might be, but I am not. I'm sorry, [Aeolynn]... Maybe you mistook me for [nehirwen]? Don't worry... people mix us up all the time, ain't that right, Nehir?! ...*laughs boisterously*... *smacks Nehirwen's back*...

2009-10-08 [nehirwen]: It's inbetween your two assumptions. :p (a few of us read and discuss it)


Do they, Mort? xD

2009-10-08 [Mortified Penguin]: Why, of course they do. I'll be walking down the street and people will shout, "Hey! There goes Nehirwen!" and I'll politely say, "**** you!! GIVE ME YOUR MONEY!!" to which they usually respond, "OH MY GOD! HE SHOT MY LEG!! SOMEONE HELP! NEHIRWEN SHOT ME!". Yup. Happens aaaall the time...

2009-10-08 [nehirwen]: At least they'll chase you and not me when that happens. :P
But enough about that, 'apply to the crew talk/questions' only here. ;)

2009-10-08 [Mortified Penguin]: Not with a shot leg they won't. But, yes... 'apply to the crew' topics only.

Speaking of which, is there even any point in me applying? It's not going to do me any good...

2009-10-08 [Aeolynn]: Go take some meds for that belly ache =P

2009-10-08 [Mortified Penguin]: Who takes meds for a bellyache? That's just irresponsible...

2009-10-08 [Aeolynn]: =P obviously you didn't get it...

2009-10-08 [nehirwen]: How is it not going to do you any good?

2009-10-08 [Mortified Penguin]: I seem to be considered an 'enemy' of Elftown. How could I ever get on the crew when the council doesn't trust me?

2009-10-08 [nehirwen]: Show you're trustworthy? Keep out of trouble and do helpful stuff as I mentioned before. :)

2009-10-08 [Mortified Penguin]: Never!! ...besides... I do plenty of helpful things...

2009-10-08 [Mortified Penguin]: And you don't really think they're going to be like, "Hmm... he's been staying out of trouble for a while now... he should totally be on the crew!" do you? they'd just think it was some sort of plot... which it probably would be...

2009-10-08 [nehirwen]: :p

2009-10-09 [Nioniel]: Wow, interesting conversation...

2009-10-09 [Alexi Ice]: Hmmmm, though, it might help if we stated who exactly RAN this wiki. I usually chime in (no pun intended) when I feel it needs to be done, but I'm not entierly sure who's running the place..>> But maybe that's just me.

2009-10-09 [Chimes]: I was keeping it organised. But I've been slacking due to illness and University. I will be doing a massive overhaul on this but I just have to wait until I have the time to do it. So those who have been away for way longer than 40 days are there because I've not removed them yet. 

No new council member should be chosen by one person, so generally when we are choosing from apps we ALL give input. The sorting is normally done, as Nehi said, by a few of us. Those few sometimes change, depending on who has time.

I hope that clears some stuff up.

2009-10-15 [Aeolynn]: I have updated my application, thank you for your time.

2009-10-15 [Mortified Penguin]: You're welcome, but I don't think I'm the one you should talk to about that... *eats ramen*...

2009-10-15 [Aeolynn]: Was talking to the crew, not you.

2009-10-15 [Alexi Ice]: Lol. Thanks for the note, Aeolynn. Just ignore him.

2009-10-15 [Mortified Penguin]: Whatever you say...

Now, I'm not calling you a liar, but I think it would be nice if you would at least tell the truth for once... You liar.

2009-10-16 [Alexi Ice]: Inactive accounts - removed. (Some were cutting it close...might do this again in about 10 days)

2009-10-16 [Nioniel]: Updated my appy again.

2009-10-21 [Alexi Ice]: Welcome to the council.

2009-10-21 [Nioniel]: Thank you!

2009-11-04 [Chel.]: Sign me up baby! ;)

2009-11-04 [Kaimee]: Good Luck Chel, I definitely recommend you! :)

2009-11-04 [Chel.]: Thank you!

2009-11-05 [Chel.]: I hope I put the app in the right spot :P

2009-11-05 [Alexi Ice]: You did.

2009-11-25 [Chel.]: Woot!

2009-12-17 [*Phoenix*]: Sooo....I put my application up here, when will I know what happens?

2009-12-17 [Ravendust]: soon as one of the crew gets the opportunity to look at it it'll be put into the proper section :)

2009-12-17 [*Phoenix*]: That means it may be a while or really quick...basically "unknown." ;) Thankies!!

2009-12-17 [Ravendust]: They're doing what they can to sort through things :)

2009-12-18 [*Phoenix*]: Cool, cool! :)

2009-12-28 [*Phoenix*]: UGH! The suspension is killing me!!! >.<

2009-12-28 [Mortified Penguin]: Yeah, that suspense will do that to you... *eats ramen*... and I'm sure it'll be quite a while longer... not to worry though! You're application looks good enough to rank 'high', so the wait will probably be worth it...

2009-12-28 [*Phoenix*]: Ugh. Stupid suspense. *huffs and crosses arms* Oh! Well, Thanks!!! I changed some things to make it a little more "me." ^_^

2009-12-28 [Mortified Penguin]: While you wait though, perhaps you might enjoy a nice visit to Bob's Diner! Now with napkins!

2009-12-28 [*Phoenix*]: Okay!!!! :0]

2010-01-01 [Aeolynn]: I withdrew my campaign.

2010-01-01 [Eyden13]: I'm working on my application, and I was wondering if any of you had advice for me.

2010-01-01 [Alexi Ice]: The best advice are at the top of the page under Requirements

2010-01-02 [*Phoenix*]: [Eyden13], I would check out some of the "High" applications and some of the already crew members' applications for examples of what they're looking for.

2010-01-02 [Eyden13]: thanks

2010-01-02 [*Phoenix*]: welcomes.

2010-01-10 [Mortified Penguin]: I have submitted my newest application.

2010-02-02 [Sagacious Turkey]: Good luck, you guys! I hope you like waiting for rediculously long periods of time without reason.

2010-02-04 [Ravendust]: That's not very nice to say...

2010-02-04 [0-Aki]: No one said the process would be fast, They have a lot of council members as it is. And there is reason behind everything they do, just because they're not going out of their way to explain to everyone what's going on doesn't mean there isn't things going on.
I guess all in all don't be rude, if you don't like waiting that badly, then take yourself off the list, they have more important things to deal with than to be accountable to people like you.

2010-02-04 [SilverFire]: Don't worry guys, Turkey's a fairly harmless troll and he knows he'll never get chosen. :P But he has a point - we've been very slow on sorting out new apps.

2010-02-07 [0-Aki]: I understand he has a point, maybe I was a little harsh and I apologize, but there are reasons behind the slowness no?

2010-02-07 [Chimes]: Life tends to be the reason.

2010-02-07 [dancingsheep]: Agreed.

2010-02-07 [Mortified Penguin]: Disagreed!

2010-02-07 [dancingsheep]: Oh? :O

2010-02-07 [Mortified Penguin]: Oh. :|

2010-02-08 [0-Aki]: OH!
...*Wanted to be cool* <_<

2010-02-08 [*Phoenix*]: It's okay. The more time it takes the better I can make my app. MUWAHAHAHAHAHAahahaa*chokes on evil laugh*

2010-03-08 [dancingsheep]: I have revoked my application.

2010-03-08 [*Phoenix*]: How come?

2010-03-08 [dancingsheep]: I am quitting ET. :/ It's been a good run.

2010-03-08 [*Phoenix*]: awww. That's sad. I don't get to see any more pictures...I was just getting to know you too..... :(

2010-03-08 [Ravendust]: how come you're leaving ET?

2010-03-08 [Alexi Ice]: IT says in her Diary.

2010-03-14 [*Phoenix*]: that I'm sorted, what do I do?

2010-03-14 [Linderel]: You keep being active. And keep updating your application if you think of something to improve it. :P

2010-03-14 [*Phoenix*]: okay....should I notify someone if I do a big update?

2010-03-14 [Linderel]: I think people usually comment here.

2010-03-14 [*Phoenix*]: okies...

2010-03-16 [Ravendust]: Some of us are odd, however and tend to just write updated and the date by our wiki-links xD

2010-03-16 [*Phoenix*]: lol. Okies! ^-^

2010-03-17 [0-Aki]: Updated.

2010-04-14 [SoulHarvester22]: Life is what we make of it i was getting antsy so i applied

2010-04-14 [Alexi Ice]: You applied? I don't see your aplication.

2010-04-14 [Nioniel]: I second that, you are definitely not on this page.

2010-04-14 [Chimes]: She's new to Elftown, I think she means applied to the site rather than the Crew. Though, I could be wrong.

2010-05-09 [Ravendust]: I've updated my application :)

2010-06-19 [Mortified Penguin]: *violent cough*

2010-06-21 [hanhepi]: *pats mort on the back*
you ok? man, that cough don't sound good. you should get it checked out.

2010-08-09 [*Phoenix*]: Updated my application! Squee!

2010-09-08 [Nioniel]: [Pyro Mac] has been inactive for 200+ days.

2010-09-12 [*Phoenix*]: UPDATED!

2010-09-14 [Mortified Penguin]: I don't like how this wiki looks or runs. I don't care if I'm not on the council or anything. Let me reorganize and take over this thing!

2010-09-15 [Eyden13]: I agree with penguin. May we please help clear it up and reorganize it?

2010-09-15 [Alexi Ice]: If the council thinks it needs to be re-organized, we will take care of it. Thank you for the offer but your services are not necessary.

2010-09-15 [Eyden13]: Kk ^-^

2010-09-15 [Kaimee]: It was nice to offer though, it's eagerness like that we like to see :)

2010-09-15 [Eyden13]: Well I'm definitely eager!

2010-09-15 [Ravendust]: aren't we all? ^^

2010-09-16 [Kaimee]: If anyone has any extra eagerness, they can always take it along to Herald Hopefuls or the Herald Guest Submissions, that is one official task that we always welcome contributions to :)

2010-09-16 [Eyden13]: Coolio. I'll go check it out. ^-^

2010-09-16 [Ihsahn]: a while ago I would have been on top of that, yet sadly, work/taining/ running ep has pretty much taken most of my life.

2010-09-16 [Kaimee]: Shame, sounds like you don't have much time to take on extra crew responsibilities :( Be sure to let us know when you're more available again :)

2010-12-23 [Nioniel]: [jbrady], [Xeroh Kanoe], [frogster], & [Ultiem] have all been inactive for 40+ days.

2011-01-12 [Akayume]: I'm sure you could probably just move them over to the inactive list Nio. :O

2011-01-12 [Nioniel]: Done. :P

Sometimes when I'm on this site, though, I'm using my iPod which doesn't allow me to edit pages, so if I notice things like that, I'll comment on the page about it so that it gets fixed as soon as someone has a chance. :)

2011-01-12 [Mortified Penguin]: Not to criticize or call into question the competence of the workers here, but it has been over a year now and my application still hasn't been sorted. I'm not saying you guys don't have lives outside of Elftown, but if those lives of yours keep you from your duties for more than a year at a time, perhaps retirement should be considered, so that more active members can be assigned to the wiki. No rush on my application, though. Just a friendly suggestion! <img:44166_1164145171.gif>

2011-01-12 [Mortified Penguin]: But if you do happen to look at it and think to yourself, "This should go in the 'medium' or 'low' section," please disregard your own opinion and wait for someone more qualified to sort it. I would go ahead and place it in the 'high' section myself, but apparently that is frowned upon for some reason.

2011-01-12 [Nioniel]: Perhaps that's why it hasn't been sorted yet. ;)

2011-01-13 [Sunrose]: @Mort: Hahaha x)

2011-01-14 [Akayume]: Sunrose, you are so nice. X3

2011-01-14 [Sunrose]: I try ;P


2011-01-18 [Chel.]: Turn the caps lock off.

2011-01-18 [Mortified Penguin]: If you fit the requirements stated on this page, just make some kind of wiki (like Mort's Application or turkey's resume for example) with your own information and explain why you would make a good crew member. Then post your wiki under the How to apply? section on this wiki and in 2 to 3 years, someone should get to your application and sort it.

2011-01-18 [Mortified Penguin]: For more information on making your own wiki, see How do I make a wiki page.

2011-03-03 [Nioniel]: *moved two more to the inactive list*

2011-03-03 [Mortified Penguin]: Oh, I will kill you so hard.

2011-03-03 [SilverFire]: The list of accepted apps is getting silly-long now. <_<

2011-03-03 [Akayume]: Maybe just take a few and move the rest?

2011-03-03 [Flisky]: For the joined apps, maybe we should just keep the ones that belong to the active council members?

2011-03-04 [Nioniel]: Sorry, Mort.

@ Flisky; I agree.

2011-03-04 [Alexi Ice]: Take Adon off the list and it would be perfect.

2011-03-04 [Mortified Penguin]: Poor Adon...

2011-03-04 [Akayume]: Well, they said they didn't have time. (: If they do later perhaps they'll be able to be added on again.

2011-03-04 [Ravendust]: I always have time xP

2011-03-10 [Kaimee]: The Town Herald always welcomes contributions from those with plenty of time... :P

2011-03-10 [Ravendust]: Indeed, and I've contributed a few things for the current issue already :)

2011-03-10 [Kaimee]: I know, you're incredibly prolific, I'm enjoying it while I can x)

2011-03-11 [Ravendust]: What do you mean you're enjoying it while you can?

2011-03-11 [Mortified Penguin]: She's threatening you.

2011-03-12 [Ravendust]: How do ya figure that one?

2011-03-12 [Chimes]: Ignore Mort. :P A lot of eager people get less eager over time, so Kaimee is making the most of your Herald submissions while you're eager... just in case the eagerness fades. :P We hope it won't though!

(Could I have used 'eager' more in that comment? I think not.)

2011-03-12 [Ravendust]: You could have eagered every other word xP and I know about Mort, I was curious though. I have no intention of stopping my submissions to the herald

2011-03-12 [Mortified Penguin]: I dunno. I'm still pretty sure it was a vague threat.

2011-03-12 [Chimes]: Ravendust, this is very good news. :)

2011-03-12 [Ravendust]: Glad you think so, [Chimes] :) I honestly enjoy new, creative opportunities, makes life more interesting that way.

2011-03-13 [Akayume]: Are you vicariously threatening her through [Kaimee] mort? :P

2011-03-13 [Kaimee]: I meant that since you've applied to the crew, I'm enjoying your prolific submissions to the Herald while I can, before you theoretically get stolen for general crew duties like everyone else... :P
Hehe, it's just a bit of a joke, because so often the eager and prolific ones are the same ones who eventually become crew :)

2011-03-13 [Kaimee]: Meanwhile, I'm pretty sure [Mortified Penguin] is totally keen to start submitting to the Herald. Hmmmmm? :P

2011-03-13 [Mortified Penguin]: (she's threatening me now too)

2011-03-13 [Ravendust]: heheh I see

2011-03-15 [Kaimee]: (That actually was vaguely threatening in some way, I'll admit xP)

2011-03-18 [Nioniel]: If any of you with applications in for crew are looking for good ways to help out here on ET, then please go check out Festivals. We need mods. :)

2011-03-20 [*Phoenix*]: I've decided to remove my app because I don't have time to be on ET lately. Someday, I want to be on Crew, but I just can't right now..

2011-03-21 [Ravendust]: [Nazarath.93] has been inactive for 46 days.

2011-03-21 [Mortified Penguin]: I've been wondering... what's with all these official wikis that don't have owners? Sure, if someone were to steal it and mess it up, a guard could easily take it back, but what if someone goes on a comment deleting spree? Those can't be recovered (last time I checked at least).

2011-03-21 [kians mummy]: The guards have powers to take it back and if they destroy the Wiki they will be permantly banned.

2011-03-21 [Chimes]: Mort is asking about comments on the wiki, not the actual content. It's easy to fix a destroyed wiki. :)

Mort, I think whoever made some of the pages left Elftown and deleted themselves as owner of them. I might be wrong though. We probably should re-own them...

2011-03-21 [kians mummy]: I was told that no one can take over them, as i wanted to take over one myself bit i wasn't allowed to.

2011-03-21 [Alexi Ice]: [kians mummy] - Thank you for your enthusiasum. But please allow questions about official pages to be answered by Council members. Thank you.

Chimes - Yeah..I remember something like that going down not too long ago. I wonder how many official pages are floating around without owners right now.

Which pages are you speaking of, Morty?

2011-03-21 [Mortified Penguin]: Don't really remember them all, but I've seen more than one.

2011-03-21 [nehirwen]: For example this wiki. :p

2011-03-21 [Alexi Ice]: Lol, Chimes. Love you!

Ok, this one's taken care of (Chimes can change the owner if she wants.) Let's find some more!

2011-03-21 [Chimes]: I think you mean Nehi. :P

But, thank you. :) I was about to claim. :P

2011-03-21 [Alexi Ice]: No, I said you cuz' I made you the owner without asking (turns out I have divine powers and read your mind anyway)

If you run into anymore, Morty, please tell us ok?! Thank you <3

2011-03-21 [kians mummy]: I will do the same.

2011-03-21 [Alexi Ice]: Thank you, Mort and Sammie

2011-03-21 [kians mummy]: If i find any and tell you, would i be able to claim them?

2011-03-21 [Alexi Ice]: I'm sorry Sammie but since they are official pages the Council are the only people who can own them. It will give you credit to add to your council application though and get you some merit with the crew which is always good.

2011-03-21 [Alexi Ice]: Alright. So this may get me killed but I changed the owner to the first council member who commented on that page. The owners can always be changed later.

2011-03-21 [Mortified Penguin]: I think it's mostly just stuff Artsie used to own, but there's also a lot of wikis I remember [Sunrose] owning too.

2011-03-21 [Mortified Penguin]: And then there's wikis like this one that I don't remember either of them owning. Who used to own this one?

2011-03-21 [Alexi Ice]: I figured as much. Lol, I made Sun owner of one page. She may strangle me for that.

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