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Apples to Apples Card Game review

There has not been a game more fun to play with friends and family since the creation of Uno. In this simple game you have two different color cards (Green and Red). The red cards contain nouns (persons, places, things, ideas, even proper nouns) while the green cards contain adjectives (Wild, Angry, Exotic, etc.).

Each player gets 5-7 red cards and then take turns playing judge. The judge draws a green card and reads it off to the other players who then pick one of their red cards that they feel best goes with the green card. Once everyone has laid down a card and drawn a new one the judge will pick which one he feels is best and award the winner with the green card. Whoever has the most green cards at the end of the game is the winner.

What makes the game so enjoyable and hilarious is that the judge picks the one he FEELS is best. So that doesn't exactly mean they will pick the best one, just the one they like the most. So you can interpret the green card however you want to try and get the judge to pick yours. And debating and attempting to sway the judge by the players is encouraged (No bribery though).

If you are a fan of family game nights, or just love group card games then this is something that you should run out right now and grab!

ATTENTION 21+ YEAR OLDS: This game is very easily converted into a drinking game. Example: The last person to lay down a read card has to take a shot. So it's another reason to run out and grab this game.
/ [Lord Josmar]

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