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2011-06-02 15:04:35
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Apple iPad (32 GB) Wi-Fi (MB293LL/A) Tablet PC Review

So what exactly is an iPad?

It surprised me to learn that most people think that the iPad is a computer, when it is, in fact, not one. Rather, the iPad is much more like the iPhone; even more so like the iPod Touch. Actual computers run on operating systems, such as versions of Windows; the iPad does not. Also, the iPad does not have any drives (CD, DVD, etc.), nor does it have ports, such as USB. Therefore, it is not a computer. For those who do not know what an iPod Touch is, it is essentially a storage device for things such as movies, videos, music, digital photographs, memos, and more, as well as a handy way to browse the internet. For all intents and purposes, the iPad is an enlarged version of the iPod Touch. 

Like the iPod Touch, the majority of what one is able to do with the device greatly relies upon the applications that one chooses to download to their iPad. One of the more popular options here seems to be to use the iPad as an electronic book (often complete with pictures). 

Essentially, the iPad really is a pad. Upon opening up the box that the product comes in, one will see a 9.7 inch, one-and-a-half pound LCD screen encased in a chic, black frame. The iPad is incredibly sleek and smooth; there are not buttons, ports, etcetera on the device that would categorize it as anything but stylish. Along with the iPad come a wall-power charger, USB dock cable, and a very basic instruction manual. 

The iPad I'm reviewing is one of the 3G iPads, as opposed to the Wi-Fi variation. While the Wi-Fi version only connects to the internet when one is within Wi-Fi range (many restaurants, bookstores, etc have Wi-Fi connections) or else has a wireless router within their home that they may easily connect to, the 3G version does that and more. The 3G version allows one to purchase wireless 3G web-time from AT&T, the prices for which vary from between about fifteen dollars a month to roughly thirty bucks a month. Additionally, the 3G models can be purchased in terms of their memory capacity. These come in blocks of either sixteen gigs, thirty-two gigs, or sixty-four gigs.

While the iPad does allow users to download tons of applications to their iPads, the iPad itself really doesn’t come with a lot of applications other than the basics (these are the ones that devices such as the iPod Touch comes with). There are iPod applications for things such as music, email, photography, etcetera, as well as there is a Safari web browser, address book, notepad, calculator, calendar, maps, youtube, and more. Some easy to download applications are free, other services may have fees. 

Why is the iPad for you?

The iPad is lightweight, sleek, stylish, and large enough to work with, but small enough to be absolutely convenient. The iPad is NOT a computer, and therefore it does not run on an operating system. Additionally, the touch-screen technology is fun and versatile, making using the iPad an interesting and stimulating experience each and every time. 

New levels of convenience.

Touch-screen technology really is incredible. Using one’s fingers, with the lightest touch, one may use the iPad to turn pages through novels, scroll through pages on the internet, play symphonies, type up reports, watch videos, and more. 

Reading made easy (or at least more convenient).

iBooks is becoming quite the rage these days. I never really thought that reading an actual book was that difficult or even too time-consuming, but I suppose that with the birth of audio-books, something like this would eventually come along. Instead of having to carry around a big, thick, heavy book, with the iPad and the iBooks application, all one need do is to download the application and virtually any and every book that one could possibly need or want to read is literally right at their fingertips! 

Battery Life

Apple states that the iPad battery ought to get around ten hours of battery use per charge (nine hours if you use the 3G cellular version), and up to thirty days in standby mode. I have found this to be mostly accurate, or else I have noticed that the battery actually lasts a few minutes to an hour longer than I expected!

So what do I think?

Despite the fact that the iPad is so remarkably similar to the iPod Touch, they really are two completely different devices. In this case, size truly does matter, and in this instance, bigger IS better. While the iPod Touch may be just a smaller version of the iPad, it is also an inferior version. The iPad’s screen is far larger than that of the iPod Touch, which makes it much easier to use in almost every instance. The larger screen is similar in size to that of a small laptop’s, allowing consumers to watch videos, navigate the internet, and even to type (mostly!) accurately on the screen. The iPad is a very sensitive, exciting tool that everyone should own. This is a direct link to the rest of the world (through the internet, of course) as well as a way to jot down thoughts, keep track of time, dates, etc, make calculations, listen to orchestras, watch movies, and more!
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