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Player: [*Phoenix*]

Roleplay: An Elfish Idea

Name: Aphrodítē Blade (little sister of Tsuki)

Race: human with elfish grace

Age: 25

Personality: She's emotionally strong because of her hard past. She doesn't like to talk about it but will open up to a few select friends. She is joyful and always puts others first even if that means she has to suffer.

Physical description: Tall and slender. Red-orange eyes that match her Phoenix spirit. Long, flowing red hair with orange highlights. She wears are orange gemstone around her neck that cages her Phoenix spirit when in human mode and vise versa.

Profession: Artist and Gallery Owner

Element: Spirit
She changes into a Phoenix spirit, but can also control other spirits. Her greatest companion spirit who can talk to her in human form is a dragon named Shadow.


Name: Shadow

History: A black dragon that guards the darkness throughout the night

Physical Skills: claws, strong jaw, sharp teeth

Magical Skills: spits fire and poison

Strengths: flying--moonlight gives it strength

Faults and Weaknesses: sunlight burns it's scales


Drawn by: [Amanda Bastian]
Dragon Adoption

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2011-08-02 [jaraden]: very cool characters, are they for an idea you've created, or are they characters to go with an RPG or something? very cool ideas though hun!

2012-07-11 [*Phoenix*]: A roleplay - click the link under my name at the top.

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