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2005-05-06 02:00:01
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This wiki is for people who are against huffing, for any reason. Whether because they think its stupid, or because you have lost a loved one from huffing...Or any other reason.

01.[OhMarcie] -Founder of This wiki. I Made this wiki because I lost a very close friend from huffing.... :( I will NEVER, EVER do it again.... I love you bro.... You're my angel now....
02.[OnlyWantOne] -I joined this wiki because I lost a very close friend from huffing
03.[truth.] Joining because the best guy i've ever met died from huffing. He was the best friend i ever had.
04.)[i blackin my eyes in the name of love]The brother i always wanted to be like i just wish we was still here, so i could still look up to him now!*crys*
05.[Tune Boomer] ur the coolest funnest person ive met on here
06.[ill be your number 1 with a bullet] I joined this cause i lost the best person i knew from huffing and i miss him very much

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2005-03-30 [OhMarcie]: My sister's fiance died... from huffing 5 days before their wedding... and one day before he was supposed to come home from the NAVY... God.. I can't believe it still... It seems like he's been gone forever, and I feel so lost without him.... He's my best friend

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