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2005-08-20 14:06:46
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If you hate boybands....
If you want to spear Britney...
If you want to hang Justin...

Join and you get one.

[Cookieholic] Your king, (once i've killed Justin)
[BornFromSilence] My mistress, love you!! *huggles*
[oklahoma] My righthand
[Chibi_Kaya88] My advisor
[Eurydice] Personal love muffin and dominatrix queen
[Ignus] Head Knight (and he has a really big head)
[Kayne] boybandmember-butcher
[Tadriendra] Boyband-Ripper
[Gemini of the Black Rose] luitenant-general.
[Snowflame] captain
[Account No Longer Active] Hillary-Hanger
[.lets.kiss.] rank undecided
[Uryviel] boyband-slayer
[The Dark Lord] Boyba-nd Mutilator
[Smile Addiction] boyband banisher
[sam ^-,,-^]
[me matas]boyband molester
[Roma] I hate boy bands
[DawnUnicorn] churned-out fake music really pi**es me off!
[Aislin's Aurari] boyband n. a group of faggots that think they can sing.
[Just a little off-white lie.] boy bands suck, nsync should rename their band nSUCK, people like hillary duff are annoying too
[Dark Trance] Boy Bands suck!!!
[albert] I truly belive they're trying to kill us all, slowly.
[IV_bOyLoVeR_69] If i could i strangle 'em all. Die u bastards:)
[goneawayagain] i would kill them all if i could, they just suck and they keep on being created! damn!
[poetry in despair] their like bunnies on <a target="_blank" href="">viagra</a> they just keep multipling
I have been told that i cannot use the pic of the gun for i have no permission, i advise to remove this pic from your house, i'll make a new one once i have time. sorry for the inconveniance.
[Eldanár Oronar]
[gone forever never loggin back on again]
[West Coast Punker]
[Insanelife] The trend has to die before every defensless preteen in america is brainwashed by these bringers of pop.
[Garden4Gnome] god save us from this awful tragedy, take away the pain and give up the stupid pop ahhh Blink 182 rules!!!
[Gone Away Deleted Poof] Oh!The horror that is the Boy Band!
[~username~] It's a conspireacy.
[Gabba Gabba Hey]
[Mansonlover]WE MUST DESTROY THEM ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!
[SILLY..(BETH)] they all deserve to die in hell!....i hate them...every 1!...mwahaha...*evil laugh*
[FF/Med . Johnson] back street boys back together WHAT... not if i have anything to do with it!
[more meredith please!] boy bands suck. ugh.....*vomits into an empty trashcan* and guess what.......bsb are all "hard-edge" in this new album. dear g-d dont make me vomit again.
[~angel from your nightmares~] there all discusting grrrr just wanna rip there heads off
[*CosmicGirl] kill the crap
[Lucy-Lou] the backstreet boys are gay
[-Tis Jon-] Mcfly must die *eyes sniper rifle on wall*... Nah Napalm works better........
[sarcasticsigh.] Boybands suck
[ghostiegirl] Shes the one looking shifty with a rifle up her jumper at the concerts....
[you either love me or want to be me!] arrrrg load of shit
[ad astra]just because they think that they can "dance", if thats what you wanna call it doesn't mean that they are talented!!
[Just Another Star] Boybands, well do i have to say anything?
[*hopeless romantic*] so LAST season! lol
[Dark Tears] all boybands must DIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
[oXoX-Nikki Jo-XoXo]Boybands suk ass!!!!!!!!!!
[Kinzey {{Katastrophe}}]
[here(in your arms)]
[Jordie HxC] they all must die horribly and painfuly

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2005-09-23 [Angels Of San-Angelus]: KILL ALL FUCKIN' BOYBANDS!!!!

2005-09-23 [sequeena_rae]: Meh Hilary Duff...She fucking scares me >.<

2005-09-26 [albert]: Whoa, [sequeena_rae] you're here too! I hope you'll support us in the everlasting fight against those horrible pink so-called musicians?

2005-09-26 [sequeena_rae]: *stops torturing a blonde barbie bimbo* Why yes of course *returns to torture*

2005-09-27 [albert]: Oh, goody *runs into the closest music store and burns all the cd's with the Mtv frog* I hate him too.

2005-09-27 [sequeena_rae]: Crazy frog needs to be extinct...Like a dodo >.<

2005-09-28 [albert]: more extinct! people remembers the dodo, don't they? Crazy frog must be deleted from our brains

2005-09-28 [sequeena_rae]: Hmm...Uh....Yesh! I can't think of something that is extinct but it must be!!!

2005-09-28 [albert]: Indeed!

2005-09-28 [sequeena_rae]: *runs around killing pop bands*

2005-09-28 [albert]: BOOM

2005-09-28 [sequeena_rae]: *dies*

2005-09-28 [albert]: NO! not agian, come on. *digs you out again* up you go

2005-09-28 [sequeena_rae]: *wakes up* like woah how many times have I died this week?!?!?! but seriously now there was a bomb scare in the next street o_O it was a false alarm though

2005-09-28 [albert]: Freaky!

2005-09-28 [sequeena_rae]: Yeah there was a bag left in a phone box

2005-09-28 [albert]: shit! I will never use a bag again.

2005-09-28 [sequeena_rae]: Yesh *is paranoid* Anyways *rises back to life* wooooooo

2005-09-28 [albert]: Welcome back

2005-09-28 [sequeena_rae]: Thankies master

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