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2005-06-22 04:07:14
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Welcome to the Anti-Loser Wiki!
This wiki is built to out last the people who bring to ruin all our smart people lives through time indefinite .Due to the simple fact that we can not be entirely sure that our members are not losers in themselves membership will be severely restricted hope everyone can understand this simple fact.

Please make sure you know how to follow the criteria at our sister site A lesson in spelling


We are in need of ideas please share yours. New badges would be a nice new addition to our Wiki should you come up with some idea please notify one of the leaders. If you would like to recieve a new title please post on this page. Thank you.

Welcome to Anti-Loser unbreakable!




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Made possible by Losers

Hating up the losers since 6/30/04

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2004-07-02 [Seamless]: I did please, now I must do numbers, or something like that

2004-07-02 [Hyvin]: yeah I hate that >=(

2004-07-02 [Seamless]: Eh, I'll get around to it, I'm too out of it and tired right now. :P

2004-07-02 [Hyvin]: get some sleep or you might become what we here at Anti-Loser strive to destroy

2004-07-02 [Seamless]: I did get sleep :P

2004-07-02 [adsjfglakds]: people also can't spell people (ppl)

2004-07-02 [Seamless]: People can't spell a lot of things @_@, Maybe I should get help in my wiki hm...

2004-07-03 [Hyvin]: I'm leaving for the weekend stuff really crashing my life I need to plan something new, till next time kiddies

2004-07-05 [Hyvin]: my appologies I was somewhat disallusional lately I desided that my super ego was a prick so I killed it Anti-Loser is ready to go!

2004-08-03 [adsjfglakds]: wow it's been almost a month since anyone has posted here.

2004-08-06 [The one that WAS shay]: i stilldont seewhats wrong with us losers

2004-08-07 [Hyvin]: please, feel free to tell us what isn't

2004-08-17 [The one that WAS shay]: ................................we can ryme better

2004-08-18 [Seamless]: And you can't spell rhyme either, hm...

2004-08-22 [Hyvin]: now thats funny

2004-12-17 [The one that WAS shay]: i was typing fast cuase my bloody teachers were coming

2004-12-20 [Seamless]: That doesn't seem like a very gooe rhyme, your argument is closed

2004-12-20 [The one that WAS shay]:, i make a simple spelling mistake and my "argument is closed"

2004-12-21 [Seamless]: Yep, finally you're understanding

2004-12-24 [The one that WAS shay]: ...hmmm oh well*shrugs*

2005-01-12 [Hyvin]: Checking your elf town AND posting in a realm where you do not belong all the while you're at school? No wonder people don't learn anything from school...

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