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2008-09-14 03:52:51
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2008-09-27 [Tsunade]: omg! cool! *looks behind trees and bushes for wiki*

2008-09-27 [wicked fae mage]: I'll look under the rocks. Can you cover the bushes? *lifts up a cobble*

2008-09-27 [Tsunade]: ok! *looks under blue berry bush and eats berry's*

2008-09-27 [wicked fae mage]: *continues flipping over rocks* I'm being distracted with ff7...but tomorrow...we will continue to search for the wiki!!!

2008-09-27 [Tsunade]: ok!

2008-09-27 [SpiritOfTheWater]: I wanna help!!! *smiles and grabs a metal detector* Maybe this'll help.

2008-09-29 [Tsunade]: hmm no you should switch it to a 'wiki detector', that should work better

2008-09-29 [wicked fae mage]: *clicks the mode of the metal detector to wiki detector* I'll keep turning over rocks to look for clues^^

2008-09-30 [Tsunade]: ok! *climbs up a tree and looks for wiki*

2008-09-30 [wicked fae mage]: maybe we should sail the seven seas? *pulls out pirate gear from out of nowhere*

2008-09-30 [Tsunade]: *jumps down through tree's and land on ground wearing pirate cloths and holding sword* ok!

2008-09-30 [wicked fae mage]: aye aye! *pulls out a saber*

2008-10-01 [SpiritOfTheWater]: *hides behind a tree for ten seconds then comes out in a pirate outfit* Argh!

2008-10-01 [wicked fae mage]: We need a ship! *pulls out telescope and looks through it expectantly*

2008-10-01 [Tsunade]: *kicks the ground and it crumbles into an ocean and a ship sails up to a dock* there's a ship!! :)

2008-10-02 [KnightAngel]: *blinks as he suddenly finds himself in the topmast in a pirateer outfit* Erh... Oh well not like the first time I've tried being that.... Ohoy matey! *waves down to everyone*

2008-10-03 [wicked fae mage]: ahoy! shiver me timbers and yo ho ho! *waves saber around*

2008-10-03 [Tsunade]: *jumps up on ship and runs down to the cannons* ready at arms!

2008-10-03 [wicked fae mage]: who wants the crow's nest?

2008-10-09 [Morningstar Rising]: *watches them sail off into the vast ocean, past the horizon, until the ship can barely be seen by the naked eye. Wonders if an airship would be better. Looks over at Drago, shrugs shoulders and grins as she climbs on the back of her blue dragon. Pats Drago's neck as he soars high above the clouds and heads for the Mountains of Wikivilla, silently wishing the searches good luck*

2008-10-12 [SpiritOfTheWater]: *wakes up under a tree to find everyone gone* Aw shucks.

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