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2007-04-14 17:05:18
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Contest Name/Theme: Contest Deadline: 

No contest is currently being held
Show us the way your favorite anime character whould break there new years resloution. This can inculde charcters that you made up!
<img: >

General Rules :
<img:> Each picture must be anime style
<img:> You must include your own name (that is only if you want credit).
<img:> Please try to avoid nudity. It’s ok if you have a little, but if I think its showing too much I will take it down. that means no pornography!
<img:> It must follow all the Uploading Art Rules of Elftown.
<img:> Respect the other artists! I don’t want to hear about people flaming other people about this, if I do and if they can prove it, I will disqualify you. And if its bad enough I will ask them to report you to the guards.
<img:> Separate entries with a line (hr tag) to keep the page clean.
<img:> No traced entries! I don’t mind if you use a picture for reference though. ^_^
<img:> If you think someone has traced/stolen or broken any of the rules, don’t write it down in the comments; report it to [Ghost Lilly]!
<img:> You do not have to be a member of the Anime wiki to participate in this contest. Everyone is welcome!
<img:> Always read the contest description!

* = rule dose not apply to current contest

<img: >

Add photo’s/drawings here, if you need help with it ask [Ghost Lilly]

<img: >

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2005-03-19 [Ghost Lilly]: YAY! our first entry!

2005-03-19 [stuffAEAmade]: Yay!

2005-03-19 [Ghost Lilly]: Its cute, my sister named her cat after Kirara

2005-03-19 [stuffAEAmade]: thanks. Kirara is such a cute name for a kitty

2005-03-19 [Ghost Lilly]: ^_^ yes it is.

2005-03-21 [Ghost Lilly]: YAY, another entry.

2005-04-01 [Char.]: Hey do i need permission or have to be a member to add an entry?

2005-04-01 [Char.]: Ok well it doesnt say anywhere that you do so im just gonna put an entry in, take it down if im not allowed.... sorry bout the quality btw

2005-04-01 [Char.]: damnit i didnt read the first rule... sorry... byee

2005-04-02 [Ghost Lilly]: Well no, you dont have to be a member, we welcome thouse who arnt. ^_^ just has to be of one of the animes. ^_^

2005-04-03 [Erykun]: ya like?

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