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Animal Lovers Wiki


For the lovers of animals, whether they be wild, tame, scaly, furry spiky or other.


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Unknown poll 3037 error! Amazing Dogs
Unknown poll 3038 error! Animal lovers!
Unknown poll 3039 error! Animal Lovers United
Unknown poll 3040 error! Aww! Kitties!
Unknown poll 3041 error! bat lovers r us!
Unknown poll 3042 error! Bird Lovers United
Unknown poll 3043 error! Birds United
Unknown poll 3044 error! Black Cats Association
Unknown poll 3045 error! Bunny Lovers United
Unknown poll 3046 error! Cat eyes
Unknown poll 3048 error! Cat lovers
Unknown poll 3051 error! Cavy Lovers
Unknown poll 3053 error! Felines of Middle-Earth
Unknown poll 3054 error! Felines of The Shire
Unknown poll 3055 error! Funkyfish
Unknown poll 3611 error! German Shepherd Dog Guide
Unknown poll 3056 error! Horse fans unite
Unknown poll 3057 error! Horses Give Us The Wings We Lack
Unknown poll 3059 error! Kitten of the week
Unknown poll 3060 error! Leomon's Pet Shop
Unknown poll 3061 error! L.I.C.'s cat adoptions
Unknown poll 3062 error! Lizard Lovers
Unknown poll 3063 error! Monkey town
Unknown poll 3064 error! Mr. Sneakers
Unknown poll 3065 error! Obsessed with cats
Unknown poll 3066 error! Pekingese lovers united
Unknown poll 3067 error! Penguens
Unknown poll 3068 error! Rabbit Care
Unknown poll 3069 error! Rat lovers United
Unknown poll 3070 error! Rats Unite
Unknown poll 3071 error! Sheeploversunited
Unknown poll 3072 error! Snake lovers
Unknown poll 3073 error! Spiders should be rulers of the world
Unknown poll 3074 error! Squirrels Are Cool!
Unknown poll 3075 error! Stop animal abuse
Unknown poll 3076 error! Team_S.H.A.R.P! Super Heroes Action Response Pets
Unknown poll 3077 error! The Horse
Unknown poll 3078 error! The Kats Meow!!
Unknown poll 3079 error! The Kitten Klub
Unknown poll 3080 error! The Monkey Militia
Unknown poll 3081 error! The Wolve's Den
Unknown poll 3082 error! Tiger Lovers
Unknown poll 3083 error! Warriors Into the Wild
Unknown poll 3084 error! We Love Hooters
Unknown poll 3085 error! Zero tolerance


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2004-10-30 [Little Insane Cat]: yay!

2004-11-14 [Angel]: please add Cutest cat contest (or the C.C.C)

2004-11-17 [hippychick]: hey hey, any1 got a wiki page for lizzards or gekkos??

2004-11-17 [Yoruno]: Cutest cat contest (or the C.C.C) has been added! Uhm... and no, sorry, i think we don't have any page for lizzards... ^^U

2004-11-17 [Angel]: thank you

2004-11-18 [Little Insane Cat]: Cats

2004-11-19 [Little Insane Cat]: thank yous

2004-11-21 [Gone4Eva]: please add leomon's pet shop

2004-11-21 [Accio]: leomon's pet shop has been added!

2004-12-15 [Little Insane Cat]: Catz

2004-12-15 [Yoruno]: Catz has been added! =^.^=

2005-01-01 [Magic is in a Sunrise]: please add The Pit Bull "Problem"

2005-01-01 [Magic is in a Sunrise]: idk how to make it green... lol

2005-01-01 [Accio]: [The Pit Bull "Problem"@wiki] <-- like that.

2005-01-01 [Accio]: The Pit Bull "Problem" has been added.

2005-01-21 [peace4all_monkey]: yeah um can u add pekingese lovers united?

2005-01-21 [Yoruno]: Sure! Pekingese lovers united has been added! *bows*

2005-01-22 [#9437]: monkey town was added ^.^

2005-01-25 [freakchild]: can you add The Horse

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