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2005-07-31 15:16:18
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Anger, Fury, and Revenge

Owner: [-Britt-]

This is a page for all who: want revenge, exact their fury, are cruel and show no mercy, or are just plain pissed off.

Here you can vent, tell why you are here, share plans of revenge, etc.
You can do just about anything here.

I'm making banners, and anybody is welcome to make one and send it in.

I've made the first banner.

Just add your name to the members list.
AFR members

Post art of your anger, fury, or revenge here.
AFR drawings

Post writings of your anger, fury, or revenge here.
AFR writings

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2005-09-24 [werewolf grrrrl]: hi

2005-11-03 [dimmu_borgir3212]: hello

2005-11-17 [Dark Necromancer]: awesome

2006-08-06 [DaniDarkHeart]: Howdy howdy people. Have you ever wanted to ram your car into someone elses just because they cut you off, or were yapping on their cell phones and not paying attention or something like that?

2006-08-11 [-Britt-]: yes, very often

2007-03-06 [The Dark Wolf]: What about getting back at some one that claimed to be a good friend but took your first love and rubbed it in your face... a lot? Any idea's?

2010-01-05 [Pumkinhead]: if its a guy nail his dick to a stump and light him on fire ( his choices are burn and die or rip his shit off and maybe live)

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