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2007-01-12 15:58:49
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Week 1 : Home

Is in an old abandoned house, that I fell in love with the first time I saw it, almost a year ago. Walking around the yard, just had a homey feeling. Like, I was supposed to be there.



Week 2 : Still life

The picture is of the sign thats in front of the old Pee Dee mill. Which was torn down a year or two ago.


Week 3 : Invisible

I struggled with this one a bit. But when I saw the head stone, I thought it fit perfectly. Mainly because it says "Unknown Baby" that put it in my head, maybe the baby doesn't exist.


Week 4 : Amok

When I think of the word "Amok" the first thing that comes to my mind is "crazy" and while driving down the road with [-dot-] the tree, and how it looked just struck me as crazy.


Week 5 : Portrait

The following 3 portraits are different views of the old broken down cotton mill in E. Rockingham. I asked [-dot-] about it, and he said that it used to be a cotton mill, and then got turned into a "Cotton Mill Museum" and now this is what's left of it.




Week 6 : Freedom

I live in the US, so this is the typical sign of "Freedom"


Week 7 : Black sheep

I'm the only person in my family {that I know of} who owns an instrument. And as soon as theres a new music teacher, I'll be able to play Emmy {emmy is my violin}

Week 8 : Plant

This is some tree-bush thing that was growing behind the house I used for Home


Week 9 : Ray of light

I originally wanted to use the image I took of a creek, with the sun reflecting off the water, but this seemed to capture the theme "Ray of light" a bit more, in my opinion.


Week 10 : Serenity

I looked up the word "Serenity" in the dictionary and the definition I got was "calm". So for this theme, I used a couple of pictures of a swamp, which is also located in E. Rockingham. I enjoy how the swamp looks so calm and peaceful.



My own themes

Death and Decay

The following image, was taken not too long ago at a grave yard, that me and a few mates would walk through. This tree, just gave me a creepy feeling every time I was near it.



The following image, is a view of the lake behind the house, in the Home theme. The reason for the title "Untouched/Innocent" is the way the trees bend together, its obvious that no human hands have touched it in a while.


-Portfolio Contest

-The endless night
-[Angelic nightmares]

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2007-01-11 [iippo]: I love the Ray of Light photo. :) and the name William S. Williams has got to be the coolest name in existance.

2007-01-11 [Angelic nightmares]: Thanks [iippo] it means alot that you like the pictures.

2007-01-12 [SeLoCeS]: i love death and decay i know that sounds wrong but i just love big old trees and you captured the picture of this one perfectly

2007-01-12 [Angelic nightmares]: Thanks [SeLoCeS] I've got two other views of that tree, but thats the one I like the best.

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