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Character Name:

Angel Flight

User:  [The Fuzzily Psychotic Llama is Dead]
Race: Human
Age: believed to be 18
Gender: Male
Rank/Class/Title: Warrior
  Prestige Class, Guild, or Kabal:None
Appearance: Muscular build with many scars. He has white wings coming from his back from being genetically modified before birth by having avian (bird) DNA encrypted into his genes. However, we do not know from what bird.
  Height: 6 foot (6")
  Weight: About 15 stone
  Build/Stature: Stands upright most of the time to conceal his wings
  Eye Color: Brown
  Hair Color: Black
  Flesh Tone: Pale
   -(Nationality): Unknown, but speaks English
  Clothing and Apparel: Mainly wears a light shirt and jeans with no armour for quick fighting and so he can blend into a normal environment when needed.
  Outstanding Marks or Features: A 14 foot wingspan with wings that go down to the small of his back. (The bottom of the back.)
(*No* Artworks, imagery or media)

Skills: Able to fly, able to fight efficiently in battle from years of training in the lab, silent movement as he can almost hover above the ground so as not to disturb anything.
  Feats and Abilities: Able to fly, has quick reflexes
  Combat, Weapon and Armor Proficiencies: no armour, especially likes the japanese weapons like the katana and shuriken (throwing stars) but also knows how to use a bow. (Even if he is not the perfect shot.)
   -Weapons on hand: Either katana or short sword, and six shuriken.
  Spell or Talent Use: None (except if you count the flying part)
   -Divine or Arcane Spell Use: None
   -Racial, Supernatural, Spell-like or Extraordinary Abilities: Flying
   -Psionic Abilities or Talents: None
  Strengths and Weaknesses: Strength: Is very quick and stronger than the average person.
Weaknesses: Due to having avian DNA, even though his bones are very hard, they are brittle and hollow, so with one hard swing, they could shatter.
Personality: Shy, but will sometimes try to fit in. He does not trust anyone but has a forgiving nature.
  Quirks, Outstanding and Memorable Actions or Phrases: "Gotta fly!" is not exactly an origonal phrase but he enjoys using it.
History: Born in a secret testing facility, Angel didn't have a name to start of with, so he gave it to himself when he was very young, hence the corny name. Until he was 14, he was tested and hurt every day, until he escaped the lab and flew for the first time. Ever since then, he was hooked on flying. He does it most days, but the lab hasn't tried to find him (yet) so so far he is safe.
Equipment and Belongings: (See Weapons) always wears a chain necklace with a metal feather on it. Doesn't have many belongings.
Other: None
Developments and Updates: (I only put this on here for five minutes without me wanting to change it!) Now wears a light leather shirt underneath for more protection on the torso.

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