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Open Enrollment List


      To enroll for classes, simply post your [username] and character page links (the personas that are really traversing the academy's halls), and a list of subjects and classes you'd like to enroll in. If a class is not offered in a subject, you may be asked to put together a class as a teacher, if you are interested. List all possible subects you'd like to see taught (chances are it may be a class one day)

EXAMPLE : [xido] - Dtalk and Buddha / Dragons, Faeries, Castle-building, Defense and Offense in War, Magick, and Survival Tactics.


Students and Alumni:

[Pinkdonkey] - Flexifta Swise / Dragons - Biology, Sociology, and Magic / Botanicals and Gardening / Earth Magic







Androntel Academy

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WFR Guild Members and the WFR Application Page


WFR Games and WFR Quests

Role playing for Dummies

Username (or number or email):


2006-08-08 [Pinkdonkey]: Here, a student ! Or should I put my name up on the student list instead ?

2006-08-09 [xido]: Post it here and I will add on the students from that page onto this one....  Thanks for asking... Didn't realize we still had multiple pages to work from...  :P

2015-10-24 [Minimire]: I would like to enroll!
Username: DragonTrainer

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