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Andrae:Carl Barks and the Disney Comic Book review

Thomas Andrae's book Carl Barks and the Disney Comic Book: Unmasking the Myth of Modernity is a "first critical study" of the noted Disney and Donald Duck comic artist. I find this peculiar - honestly, hasn't no one been studied the maestro before?
In any case, Andrae does a brilliant job.

We learn everything we need to know about Barks, his life and his works. Andrae draws us an image of one of the most appreciated and influntial artist of the 20th century, how he started his career among the Disney industry and slowly became the Duck master we know with all the important characters he created for the Duck universe.
Andrae also provides us a detailed analysis of the best works of Barks and shows how much cultural and historical background we may find among the Disney comics.

This book is a magnificent piece of work for anyone interested in Donald Duck comics, whether be a scholar or just a fan of Carl Barks. I strongly recommend this to everyone - I had to get one of these for myself also.
/ [Caterin S.]

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