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2007-07-03 22:54:57
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Teacher [Janouk]


*** If you would like to become a teacher, please add your name below, and I'll message you as soon as I can.

Teacher Volunteers


*** If you would like to become a student, please add your name here, so I can see if many people are interested.

[Ranasha] I could use some help with 'Ancient Greek' :D
[Tormenta] I don't know any ancient greek ;)
[vaso_phoenix] Im modern greek but i wanted to know if it is the same or not
[Keith Farley]
[jonayla88] sounds interesting (finished)
[Macek] I´m in love with languages =)
[..Nightmare..] finished.
[Rayn_Fae] Always loved the Greek culture and language ^_^
[Dictated by Uncertainty]
[Veronique] Fascinated by languages
[Little miss perfect] This should be fun
[hatter m]
[Rynnde] I have greek lessons myself at school,, but I wonder wether this is much different =P
[Lleu] I've always wanted to learn this.
[Adela Leafshanks] I am learning Ancient Greek at school and will hopefully do a GCSE in it, so I am looking to expand my knowledge ^_^(*finished)


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2004-08-08 [Deleted user]: badly my school work is big iand i dont have the time anymore

2005-01-08 [Janouk]: Ah...too bad, but I understand. Thanks for trying anyway!

2006-05-10 [Janouk]: Hi [Lleu]! :) I've just started making a new kind of lesson two hours ago! ;)

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