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Welcome to the Ancient Greek Classroom. Here, I will try to teach you some of the basics of Ancient Greek, an old, but wonderful language. I might need the help of an English person with some knowledge of Greek to help me with the pronounciation, so if you want to help? ^_^


Ancient Greek Students List

Place something like 'I'm done/finished' behind your name when you've completed a lesson, so I'll know if the tempo is ok.


Ancient Greek Gallery of Honour



Lesson 1: The Greek Alphabet
Lesson 2: Exceptions and adds
Lesson 3: Verbs



Test your knowledge - Lesson 1


Answers - Lesson 1

Stories to practise with

Ancient Greek


Back to Languages or the Elftown Academy


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2004-07-08 [Macek]: Ah, thought it might help - Many of the images in lesson one are not visible. Also, in the "homework" part, the phrases in greek come out as squares, in spite of what language coding the computer is using.

2004-07-10 [Janouk]: Thanks for pointing it out....but I already knew...I don't know yet how to make Greek characters without using paint to make them, so I'd made all characters in paint. Unfortunatly, the site where I'd hosted the pictures, doesn't work anymore. I have found no time yet to restore it, and make new characters. I've made it half way trough though....But I'm really sorry, I'll fix it as soon as I'm back. (Going to France 3 weeks)

2004-09-28 [Janouk]: Please check Teacher Comments

2004-11-06 [Janouk]: The answers of lesson 1 are online.

2005-01-06 [Janouk]: Lesson 2 and 3 are online, though they can be changed. My excuses for leaving the Classroom inactive so long. Happy Learning ^_^

2005-01-06 [Janouk]: You could also have a look at Ancient Greek if you feel like translating something, but this is still under construction./ so is this wiki, I'm also sorry for that ;)

2005-01-06 [Sunrose]: Good work!

2005-01-06 [Janouk]: Yeh! hehe, still working though...It's a lot of work, especially those characters...all codings...Thanks Professor! *grins*

2005-01-06 [Sunrose]: LOL! *hugs*

2005-01-12 [Rayn_Fae]: It's okay if we just joined right? Just keep plugging along until we catch up?

2005-01-12 [Sunrose]: yup!

2005-01-12 [Rayn_Fae]: :D

2005-01-14 [Janouk]: Hey Rayn_Fae! Welcome to this classroom ^_^ You'll probably catch up pretty soon, for there aren't many lessons yet ;)

2005-01-14 [Rayn_Fae]: Thankies!

2006-10-31 [SilverFire]: *haunts* :P

2006-11-01 [Janouk]: I'm afraid a giant update needs to be done :0

2007-04-17 [Mortified Penguin]: Yo, yo... wassup?

2007-04-18 [Janouk]: Nothing much right now I guess :) Got any things you'd like to know?

2007-04-18 [Mortified Penguin]: Nope... *eats ramen*...

2007-04-18 [Sunrose]: Mort...stop pestering innocent people :P

2007-04-18 [Mortified Penguin]: Hey... I'm just loitering...

2007-04-18 [Mortified Penguin]: Innocent? My name is innocent... the Spanish form of it, anyway...

2007-04-18 [Sunrose]: You need to find your brains something intelligent to do :P

2007-04-18 [Mortified Penguin]: My brains and I will stick to idiotic and senseless tasks, thank you very much.

2007-04-18 [Sunrose]: You're welcome.. :p

2007-04-18 [Mortified Penguin]: Welcome to loiter?

2007-04-18 [Sunrose]: No :P

2007-04-18 [Mortified Penguin]: Quit sticking your tongue out at me...

2007-04-18 [Sunrose]: No :P

2007-04-18 [Mortified Penguin]: Okie doke... *eats ramen*...

2007-04-19 [Janouk]: Hmmm, interesting *^__^*

2007-04-19 [Sunrose]: :P

2007-07-02 [Adela Leafshanks]: How do you type the ancient greek symbols on the PC? Do you have to use a certain font? I have a fair bit of ancient greek knowledge I'd like to share, but if I can't type the alphabet then I have a bit of a problem -_-; ....

2007-12-21 [Janouk]: crap :(

2007-12-21 [SilverFire]: Try Alt Codes

2007-12-22 [Mortified Penguin]: I used to could just type those Alt codes... but now I have a freakin' laptop. No number pad.

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