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Welcome to the Ancient Gods Art Contest, which is hosted by [syagre]. Its subject is about portaying the Ancient Gods, whose legend is rooted in the Myth of Altaride.
Myth of Altaride is an amateur fantasy RPG currently developped by La Guilde d'Altaride association (directed by [syagre]).

The contest is over !

Congratulations to the winners and thanks to all the entrants who made of this a worthy contest !

Elftown vote winner

Beea by [Kuruni]

Altaride council winner

Romarh by [Katie Staines



It is said that once, the peoples of Altaride were living in peace and harmony, guided by the kindness of the Ancient Gods. They gave gifts that could allow everyone to do things that could seem unbelievable. The legends say this was a world of happiness and joy, but only misty memories remain from these times...
Times of darkness came, as a huge cataclysm shook Altaride to its depths. A gigantic army of demons fell from the sky, with the only purpose of destroying any life. Fountains of flames, eruptions of rocks and rains of lightning were tearing the world. The Ancient Gods struggled, but Altaride’s fate seemed doomed.
The Ancient Gods chose their last resort: they banished themselves from the world, thus making the demons disappear (how these two events are linked belongs to the mystery of the myth). Therefore, this last solution could allow a few survivors to live and rebuild a new era.
So ended this period of cruel disasters called The Apocalypse of Blood.
Altaride was in ashes, but the dark clouds that had invaded the sky faded away, letting the remaining survivors to new hopes for a new start.
Now the Ancient Gods are celebrated through a cult, whose first aspect is about thanking the Gods for this ultimate sacrifice, which could allow the building of the civilisation through the end of the Apocalypse of Blood. This is a duty to remember.

Aim of the contest

The Ancient Gods religion is organised through a pantheon which includes many divinities. The contest is about drawing these dieties. A given picture can illustrate one or several characters. Descriptions of these divinities are available at The Ancient Gods Pantheon page.


White Haired Mortak by [Cassave] <img100*0:img/drawing/82481_1110830173.jpg>
Gordavoran on a cask by [Cassave] <img100*0:>
Romarh and Beea by [Cassave] <img100*0:>
Pantheon by [Yncke] <img100*0:stuff/PantheonAltaride.jpg>
Romarh by [Katie Staines] <img100*0:>
Mi by [Yoruno] <img100*0:stuff/YorunoMiColour.jpg>
Beea by [Yoruno] <img100*0:stuff/yorubeea.png>
Mortak by [Purple Artichoke] <img100*0:>
Mi by [Hexglitter] <img100*0:>
Gordavoran by [Dr.Mandarian] <img100*0:>
Nogon by [Dr.Mandarian] <img100*0:>
Leblanc by [Dr.Mandarian] <img100*0:>
Beea by [Kuruni] <img100*0:stuff/kuruni-Beea.jpg>

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2005-03-16 [Yncke]: Fantastic, [Cassave], especially Mortak!

2005-03-16 [syagre]: These first entries are very nice indeed !!! I personally enjoy Gordavoran's picture very much... who couldn't want to have some wine with him ?

2005-03-16 [Cassave]: Thanks [Yncke], hope to see your entries soon...

2005-03-28 [Yoruno]: They all look so gorgeous... suddenly I don't wanna post mine... *sigh*

2005-03-28 [Yncke]: Hey, come on, [Yoruno], post them. I'm curious to see it!!!

2005-03-29 [Yoruno]: There... I'm still working on her, and I've posted a smaller version of her... you can see a bigger version at my house

2005-03-29 [Yncke]: Yay! Very nice. I don't understand why you hesitated to enter.

2005-03-29 [Yoruno]: Because I simply LOVE your pencil work... and mine looks very faded in comparison... :P

2005-03-29 [Yncke]: Well, my pencilwork looks faded as well when scanned, I just use the curves layer from Paint Shop Pro to make the lines more firm.

2005-03-29 [Yoruno]: *blinks* I can hardly use paint, to be sincere... but I'll try to do something like that... ^^U

2005-03-29 [*SilverCat*]: i just want to mention a nighthauk is a gun as well as the description of a bird...quite funny that...not really

2005-04-10 [Losing Sarah]: actually it is not really a gun....if you are thinking about counter strike it is a cheap name knock-off of the desert eagle......a night hawk is a real bird....

2005-04-10 [Cassave]: The goddess Beea is associated with birds, artistic inspirations and the night. I don't know if the world of Altaride has Nighthawks (birds), but I'm quite shure it doesn't have the I.M.I. (Israel Military Industry) to develop Desert Eagles (and any derivatives). And if she were to have a gun, it’d be a Casull Fieldgrade…

2005-04-21 [Purple Artichoke]: i can't wait till i get my pics up. I like [Cassave]'s picture of beea and romarh I always imagined gods to be undescribably beautiful and his lovely pictue put a whole new prespective on it

2005-04-21 [Yoruno]: *sigh* his pics are great... why can't I use PC as he does? All i have is rustic colored pencils... *sigh* Oh, well, maybe that makes me original... *phew*

2005-04-23 [Purple Artichoke]: yeah i have photoshop CS but I have no clue how to use it the way he can use a computer...I don't have a drawing tablet eith so....yeah

2005-06-01 [Hexglitter]: [Hexglitter] Am now very intimidated by all the beautiful artwork here. *sigh* wish I could use pencils like [Yoruno)

2005-06-01 [Moorn]: Everyone is a beginner at some point KatieC. ^_^ Gah! I've been meaning to enter this contest for freakin' ever... I swear, I'm working on it! *laughs*

2005-06-01 [Yoruno]: Wow... that Mi looks lovely! You don't have to complain about anything, you use your own methods pretty well... I like that oily texture... make her look supernatural...

2005-06-01 [Hexglitter]: You are sooo sweet! My very first compliment on my artwork. *runs away and hoards her compliment*

2005-06-03 [Yoruno]: ^^ Second entry... computer colored... no, I don't really wanna know how childish it looks... perhaps I'll fix her later :P

2005-06-03 [syagre]: Perhaps you find it childish because of the way it is coloured... but the way Beea is presented there is really nice...

2005-06-06 [Purple Artichoke]: yoruno your first computer pic turned out great!

2005-06-06 [Yoruno]: *purrs* Thanks! I'll try to fix some obvious mistakes in her skin... because I used the computer as if coloring with regular pencils, and that's why it looks so odd...

2005-06-06 [Yncke]: I think too that it looks great. Perhaps a little more contrast in the skin? (Just a suggestion ;) )

2005-06-23 [smeet666]: Congratulations to all of you, this contest is of highest quality!

2005-08-07 [Purple Artichoke]: thnks smeet

2005-09-15 [Dr.Mandarian]: Cassave's interpretation of Beea of Romarh is unbeatable for my opinion. It is just the very quint-essence, possible. My respect!

2005-09-15 [Yoruno]: Uhm... yeah, I think so :P But I adore your own Nogon, by the way ^_^

2005-09-16 [Dr.Mandarian]: Woh! Thank you very much for your praise, Yoruno! * pride! * Wonderful, that you like my Nogon so! = > Hm. If I only would have been a little bit more courageous, I'd also tried to draw some wild, breaking WAVES foaming up to the rock, where Nogon shall stand on - ( Have you ever tried out, how damn hard it is, to draw waved up water - only by pencil? ) But I am fascinated by your BEEA! And especially by her POSE, to give some compliment in return! * smile *

2005-09-16 [Yncke]: Very nice entries [Dr.Mandarian]! I like Leblanc most. :) Yeah, waves, I only succeed drawing them if I mimic the waves as drawn in Asterix.

2005-09-20 [Dr.Mandarian]: Great how different tastes can be! Thanks for your friendly words about my pictures, Yncke! ( Leblanc, yes...Strictly considered, his EARS had to be a little bit longer - as an altarian elf ) But I at least succeeded to make his eyes look piercing and glazed, as I wanted... And... mimicking Asterix? Hm... Yeah! You're right! Maybe I should try something like that! ( Good tip, actually! )

2005-09-20 [Yoruno]: Good, good tip... I'll look for my old Asterix books... :P Oh, and thanks for your compliment too, [Dr.Mandarian]!

2005-11-15 [Dr.Mandarian]: Hm. This comment board has become a bit silent. So I use the silence for some honest further statement. I really worship [Katie Staines]'s interpretation of Romarh! Especially his very expressive ghostly, and mask-like face! With the traces of light or energy woven upon it. * is delighted * I love this art-work!

2006-01-09 [syagre]: Thanks for this new entry, [Kuruni] ! A nice version of Beea indeed... It also surprised me a bit because I didn't picture her in my mind as some kind of warrior

2006-01-13 [Kuruni]: well, [syagre] if you want me to change it i will, i have another i'm working on but was planned to be a second entry. You just let me know.

2006-01-13 [Yncke]: I like her. :) She looks nightish and birdish.

2006-01-13 [syagre]: [Kuruni], I'd also let you know that one of the points of the Contest would be to have other sights of these characters than our own "pre-conceived" ideas, so... the descriptions I've suggested are simply some basics for you, fellows artists, to let your inspiration wander around. Just let her as she is !

2006-01-13 [Kuruni]: Thanks!!, ok, so no photomanips? does it have to be drawn? well, i will do my best then to finish the second entry.

2006-01-13 [syagre]: Yes, it would have to be drawn. I'll be looking forward to seeing this next one !

2006-01-22 [syagre]: Gosh !!! What a tremendous amount of work you have done, [Yncke] !!! Amazing !!!

2006-01-22 [Yncke]: *happy blush* Thanks. :)

2006-01-22 [Cassave]: Great composition [Yncke] ...kudos 8D

2006-01-23 [Yncke]: :) Thank you, [Cassave].

2006-01-24 [Kuruni]: [Yncke] awesome!

2006-01-24 [Yoruno]: O_O... wow... amazing pic, [Yncke]... my favorite is Gordavoran ^_^

2006-01-24 [Dr.Mandarian]: Yes, right! So close before the deadline such a masterpiece! My admiration, [Yncke]!

2006-01-27 [Yncke]: Thank you all, I'm happy you like it. :)

2006-02-01 [Yncke]: @[Yoruno]: I like the folds you've accentuated in your updated version.

2006-02-10 [Yoruno]: Thanks, [Yncke]! Sorry for delay in answer :P I've been living somewhere between mars and nowhere...

2006-03-01 [smeet666]: Well, that was REALLY difficult to choose. I had to decide between 5 drawings I thought were equals to me.

2006-03-01 [Yoruno]: *whispers* Vote for [Yncke]... vote for [Yncke]... *ahem* Choose your favorite!

2006-03-04 [Yncke]: *whispers back* Thanks, but look at that mad look in [Cassave]'s Mortak! Of course, choose your favourite! ;)

2006-04-18 [syagre]: I'll close the contest when I'm back

2006-07-16 [Yncke]: Congratulations to [Kuruni] and [Katie Staines]!!!

2006-07-16 [Kuruni]: yay! thank you guys!

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