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Anansi Boys by Neil Gaiman review

A fun read that keeps you interested. I almost avoided it because of American gods but I am glad I decided to give this book a shot. This is not a traditional "Book 2". It is more of a stand alone story (thankfully).

Charles Nancy (Fat Charlie) had a normal life. Born in America and moved to London as a child due to his parents split. He (like many other people) were embarrassed by his father and glad to have him out of his life. While planning his wedding Charlie had reluctantly agreed to invite his father. Calling the one person who would know how to get ahold of his father Charlie learns that his fathers has died. Flying to Florida for the funeral Charlie not only learns that his father was a god but he also has a brother. Unbelieving the news he is told to talk to a spider if he ever wants to get in contact with his brother. 

Returning home Charlie gets drunk and sees a spider and tells it would be nice if his brother would stop by for a visit.

The next morning his brother is there. Unlike Charlie he is cool and suave and has the god powers of their father. At that moment Charlies life is set on a whirlwind adventure of trying to "get rid" of his brother and then save his brother.

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