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Welcome to Analog!

Teacher: [Slayer Chick]





Brief Outline:

1. Analog VS Digital
2. Camera Techniques
3. The Darkroom
4. Films


Analog VS Digital

It appears that a boxing match is taking place; in one corner we have "traditional" photography, and in the other, a new contender: "digital" photography.

However, there is one major problem with this alleged "fight", these two cannot be opponents, as they are both on the same side. What is called "traditional" photography can be produced either in an analog way using a chemical process or in a digital format, electronically. If you have a particular "style" of photography, which could be done, using either technique, there need be no confrontation at all, and the metaphor of antagonism becomes redundant. The only reason why people perceive the changes in photography in this way, is because there is a lot of misunderstanding as to what digital photography is actually all about.

Analog VS Digital Continued


Camera Techniques



The Darkroom

The Dark Room





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