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A beast that is extretemly difficult to kill, the anachreon is known for its haunting melody that it sings, luring prey in close enough to make an easy kill. They can live for hundreds of years.
~part of the Wiki Fantasy Roleplay - Androntel Dungeons

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2003-11-08 [xido]: Anacreon was a Greek poet, who wrote songs about love and another word for bard, perhaps? The only other connotation similar to this would be anachronism, being something outside of its time, a time-traveller, I guess?......x.o......I don't know.

2004-07-05 [xido]: DOES ANYONE HAVE A CLUE WHAT THIS IS?!?!?!

2004-07-05 [Angel Dreamer]: figure out who put it up and ask them

2005-04-04 [xido]: nearly impossible, my dear.... I would have to look through every version of your creature list to do so.... I don't think I have that much time.  By the way, where in Eastonia did you want the Adrontel Academy to be located? See Eastonia, Map/Eastonia, Jashnia.... you have many options, but I want to give it a place to stay.... not just in the veils of some-odd-place-world...... :)

2005-04-05 [Angel Dreamer]: how about in Vraisynn? that's where the group is at, isn't it? makes it plausable for finding a deserted castle and all

2005-04-11 [xido]: Good point. Would you rather raise it up in Vraisynn in particular, or in some other (more neutral) portion of Lands of Qor, like the Neutral Lands, Niervo, or somwhere nearby? Vraisynn is at a bit of a climax, and soon to fall drastically, because of some other recent events taking place.... Lex and I have found a new fun time with it all.

2005-04-11 [Angel Dreamer]: wherever it'll go best, I suppose. I've no preference, really

2005-09-20 [Kim_Lundin]: Anachreon was added in page version 51... and xido is the one to blame for that :P

2005-09-22 [Kim_Lundin]: Oh, and I made some searches: Anacreon is also a planet in Isaak Asimov's serie 'The Foundation'.

2005-09-23 [Angel Dreamer]: *chuckles* and xido's the one that's been fussing over this entry...highly amusing ^_^

2005-11-01 [xido]: Ah! It was me!?!?!??! Why would...? Oh, heck, who knows... I'm not sure what happened there... Maybe I misspelled a different entry or something ridiculous.... I know, I'm crazy and a hypocrit.... it happens.

2005-11-01 [xido]: OK, well, I'll find a good way of adding in details about Androntel's location (in Qor, I think might work best...Vraisynn in particular) And as for the Anachreon, I will find a suitable creature... And I've never read the Asimov novel, Kim....

2005-11-02 [Angel Dreamer]: XD Androntel's dungeon...Let me chew on the Anachreon, xido, I think I've got an idea (unless you can figure out what it was supposed to be in the first place).

2005-11-19 [xido]: I say it's like a huge spider-person beast, like Lolth the drow goddess.... but more evil and beastly....and huge. And I like it so far.... best way to start a the school. Yeah...:)

2005-11-29 [Kim_Lundin]: I haven't read Asimov's books either, but I made some searches to try to find out what this thing was...

2005-12-22 [xido]: Angel's got a good beginning for us, Kim... Check out and maybe join Androntel Dungeons

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