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2004-11-30 08:58:49
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Hell Yeah, This Wiki is starting to take off. I have added another banner below all of these pictures I have of Amy. I finally found some time to get this place jumping again, you have to love it. Who couldn`t love her, man? She has a very powerful voice, and hot. She pulls off an eyebrow ring like noone else can. F*ck it, she just kicks ass alright?

Now below are various pics I have gathered from the world wide web. Some of then you will notice I used in our banner up top.


***Info on our Lady***********

*Name: Amy Lynn Lee

*Born: December 13th, 1981

*Age: 22

*Gender: Female

*Born: Riverside, CA.-Parkview Hospital

*Grewup: Little Rock, Arkansas

*She now lives: Los Angeles,CA

*Sibblings: 1 brother, 2 sisters

*Hair:Brown(dyed black)

*Eyes: Sky Blue :)

*Status: With Shaun Morgan(Seether)


With her hair down...grrr...:-)


From the Album Cover...


This picture is awesome. One of my(realitylApse) favorite pictures. This does show her true beauty. We just love her, for real...


****The Albums*****



Another banner I made for members houses..


If you have a banner you would like to add, just leave the link on the forum below.


Username (or number or email):


2004-11-05 [realitylApse]: heh, love it.

2004-11-10 [realitylApse]: Im working on new banners, and I hope more people join. This Wiki has been out for a good while.

2004-11-12 [Mother Goddess]: i want to join. i'll even volunteer to find you pictures and make banners. i know where some fucking awesome Amy pictures are.

2004-11-12 [realitylApse]: Sweet, is my email

2004-11-12 [Mother Goddess]: cool, i'll drop you a line.

2004-11-14 [It Is Time To Let You Go!]: i love amy, have scence i first heard bring me to life!

2004-11-14 [Mother Goddess]: well, honey, join the club

2004-11-15 [realitylApse]: yeah, join up

2004-11-15 [serena_usagi]: Finally, an Amy Lee wiki. Oh how I have been waiting for this. =)

2004-11-16 [Mother Goddess]: i'm working on a banner. she's all purple and stuff.

2004-11-30 [realitylApse]: I updated and damn did I update. What do you guys think?

2004-12-01 [Mother Goddess]: this is awesome, great job. especially the picture of her on the roof. damn, she's hot.

2004-12-02 [serena_usagi]: I think she's the hottest woman alive!!!

2004-12-27 [Ssapzyne Del'Armgo]: Awesome pictures! How do you get the banner?

2004-12-27 [realitylApse]: copy and paste the addy to it, in your house and put the link

2005-02-25 [Death's Die-Ary]: *faints* i've been looking for a wiki like this ^^

2005-03-01 [~Legato~]: Amy Lee for woman of the universe!!!

2005-03-13 [kendo]: amy lee is all mine! lol jk i wish!

2005-03-18 [Kayci]: i think that she like totaly rocks and she puts avril to SHAME!!!

2005-07-05 [*with a cherry on top please*]: i luv amy lee with all my heart and morey!

2006-07-13 [~XxRAYNExX~]: hhhhhmmm.......i should send you guys a picture of my amy lee dedication wall, that i have in my room

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