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This is a load of stuff about me! [cobwebb]

[08 Things You're Looking Forward To]
1.] Summer
2.] Driving
3.] Leavers day
4.] Formal
5.] New school!
6.] Becoming 18
7.] Being able to buy alcohol! wheyy!

[07 Things That Annoy You]
1.] People that say that are not two faced
2.] My smile
3.] alfalfa
4.] Inept people (I thought I was bad but I have met worse!)
5.] People that make out that their life is so bad when it aint.
6.] People that use my crayons without asking LOL!

[06 Things You Do Every Day]
1.] Get up
2.] Think
3.] Talk
4.] Text
5.] Laugh
6.] Smile

[05 Things You Touch Every Day]
1.] My hair
2.] My mobile
3.] My face
4.] My couch
5.] My bed

[04 Movies/Shows You Could Watch Over and Over]
1.] Mean girls
2.] The OC
3.] Anchorman
4.] One tree hill

[03 People You'd Want to Spend More Time or Hang out With]
1.] Rhian
2.] Mel
3.] Sam Seaman!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

[02 Of Your Favorite Songs At This Moment]
1.] Day and nightttttt
2.] Single ladies!

[01Person You Could Spend the Rest of Your Life With]
1.] Errr


1. Jumped off something really high? yeeeeah blad.
2. Been in a car crash? Yeahhh like 3.
3. Been drunk? ja
4. Smoked? ja
5. Had sex? ja
6. kissed the opposite? Yes
7. Kissed the same sex? Yip
8. Shoved a marsmello up your nose? Mmm sadly no.
9. Lied and got sum1 else in the shit? mm yes.
10. Got caught picking a wedge: A wha?
11. Seen a Dewdle: Wtf is a dewdle?
12. Wagged school? Mm yes?
13. Snuck out at night? Haha yes!
14. Been caught sneaking out? Ja
15. Had cyber: Nope
16. Lit yourself on fire? Lolol no!
17. Read others e-mail? Yeah haha
18. Stolen? No
19. Got caught with something you shouldn't have? Lol yes.
20. Taken drugs: Nope
21. Cheated on a test: Hahah yes.
22. Skinny dipped: Nope
23. Played Truth or Dare: Haven't we all?
24. Burned yourself: Ynees
25. Given someone a piggy back/shoulder ride: Yaha
26. Eaten a worm/mud pie: Wtf?! no.
27. Stayed up till four on the phone: Lol no.
28. Been in a school play: JUP:D
29. Cried in public: Manymanymany times.
30. Seen someone die: Only on television.
31. Been in a fist fight: Mm yeah!
32. Given someone a bruise: Jup
33. Gotten a bruise: Yes
34. Cut someone: Hahah yes.
35. Been cut: Jep.
36. Flashed someone: Hahaha
37. Stayed up all night: Jup
38. Slept all day: Nahh, waste of time.
39. Gotten a tity twister: lol noo
40. Given a tity twister: Naw.
41. Posed for a nude pic: nope
42. Been suspended: Nah, I haven't eve got a detention. Well good.
43. Been expelled: Nopee
44. Been arrested: Nah
45. Been in jail: Nope


Do you have a bf/gf: Yes
Do you have a crush: Yes
How long have you liked him: Since the first time I met him
Why do you like this person: MINE
If you're single, why are you single: I'm not:D
How long was your longest relationship: The one I'm in, 25/11/06


what do you most like about your body: curvvveesss.
How many fillings do you have: Er none.
Do you think you're good-looking: I'M OKAY with what i look like


Do you wear a watch: Nope
How many coats and jackets do you own: I DONT KNOWWWWW
Most expensive item of clothing: Meh. Shoes?
What kind of shoes do you wear: Mm flats.
Describe your style in one word: FASHIONable?


Number: 47
Day: Saturday or whatever day 7th October is LOL
Month: August
Season: Summer
Sport: Trampolining
Teachers pet: Me ahaha!
teacher: MR GRAY - WHAT A LEDGE!
Fruit: Watermelon!
TV Show: Lost
Radio Station: Dunno Radio one.
Store: PRIMARK defo.
Word(s) : whatev


Me/You: Depends who the you is ;D
Coke/Pepsi: Coke
Day/Night: Day, actually maybe long as im not tired.
AOL/AIM: Neither, Try MSN!  
CD/Cassette: CD
Jeans/Khakis: Jeans
Car/Truck: Car
Tall/Short: both.
Lunch/dinner: dinner
Lipstick/Lip-gloss: lipstick!
Alcohol/Weed: ummmm, hmm. alcohol i'd say.


Can you play an instrument: Yerrr.

001: [Name:] Sophie
002: [Nickname:] Sofay or Freckles
003: [Country of living:] England
004: [Birth date:] 7th October:)
005: [Height:] 5 ft 5/6
006: [Best friends:] LUCAY MELLIE RUTH SHONI
007: [Shoe size:] 6
008: [School/work:] School
009: [You smoke:] No
010: [Hobbies:] Skating and trampolining
011: [Brothers/Sisters:] Brother
012: [Relationship:] Yes:)
013: [Piercing(s):] 6. 3 in one ear, 2 in the other and belly button.
014: [Tattoo(s):] Nah want some though.
015: [Vacationland:] Turkey or Hawaii
016: [Are there people you wont reply to:] Yep
017: [Nicest person you met this year:] Ermm Rhian, Mel, Curtis, Dano
018: [Person you rather not have met this year:] Erm dunno
019: [Person you would like to meet:] Shia LaBeouf!!
020: [Who is it that you admire:] Hmmmm
021: [Most sexy person:] Shia LaBeouf!
022: [Favourite Pyjamas (clothes to sleep in):] DUnno
023: [Favourite Car:] Audi TT:D:D:D
024: [Favourite Movie(s):] Anchorman
026: [Favourite City(s) :] LANDANN
027: [Favourite Plush :] ermmm dunno beanie babies woo
028: [Favourite Perfume/au de toilette/aftershave:] PERFUME!
029: [Favourite Magazine:] Bliss
030: [Favourite sound:] MEEEEEEEP
031: [Favourite TV-series:] Umm, Lost
032: [Favourite Writer:] Ruth Evans lol
033: [Favourite Nickname:] sofay
034: [What is on your mouse pad:] Dell!
035: [Whats under your bed:] old barbies and empty alcohol bottles. dang.
036: [Favourite color:] orange
037: [Favourite Song ever:] "Wouldn't it be nice" - Beach boys
038: [Favourite song at this moment:] Erm "Still Waiting" - Sum 41
039: [Favourite food:] Korma Sauce!!
040:[Favourite class at school:] DRAMA
041: [Favourite drink:] Orange juice
042: [Lucky number:] 47
043: [What do you think is greatest about yourself:] Dunno
044: [What deodorant do you use:] Umm, whatever one is arond my room!
045: [Favorite shoes:] pumps bbz
046: [What time do you go to bed on workdays:] I normally get to sleep at about 11:30:P
047: [What word do you use most:] Yeah
048: [Most romantic moment in your life:] Dunno.
049: [Most ashamed moment of your life:] Umm, I ain't sure!
050: [You spend your time rather inside or outside:] Both ehhhh
051: [What do you do in the weekend:] Go on computer, play dance mat, go out (if it's not too cold)
052: [What class at school do you dislike most:] Umm History. BORING!
053: [Your Breakfast:] When I can be bothered...toast! marmite. YUM
054: [What do you really like to eat:] Food!
056: [Laugh or Dream:] Laugh? dunno.
057: [Serious or funny:] Umm, both. Depends on what really.
058: [Fast or slow:] dunnnnno
059: [You prefer being alone or having relation:] Having a relationship:)
060: [Simple or complicated:] Simple...yet complicated eh eh eh
061: [Cremated or Buried when dead:] BURIED. omg.
062: [Sex or alcohol:] Dunno
063: [Stay up late or go to bed early:] Stay up late!
064: [Light or dark?:] Both
065: [Speak or Silence:] Speak
066: [Tall or Small Guys:] taller than me
067: [News paper:] Huh?
068: [Hug or kiss:] dunnnnnnnno. both
069: [Happy or Sad:] Happy!
070: [Life or Death:] Life lol although death...I could haunt people mwuhahaha!
071: [Gig or Disco:] GIG FO SHO!
072: [Left or Right:] Right
073: [Sausages on top, or on the side:] rude much! side.
074: [Brunette/ Red/ Blonde:] Brunette, but i wanna be blonde. mahh.
075: [What would you ask god if you could ask him 1 single question:] well, if i believed in him...i'd ask why is there hate and terrorism and all that shit.
076: [Do you believe in reincarnation:] Not anymore really, Someones made me realise that fiction is not science? If that make sense!
077: [Do you believe in Aliens:] Umm, I believe there's other life forms across the universe apart from us? That just really makes me think too much about why everyones here and stuff...
078: [When you die, what will be your last words?:] im not emo. ;D
079: [Does true love exist?:] Sure
080: [How many kids would you like to have?:] unos dos tres!
081: [What is the thing you can't stand:] dunnnno. people who say they arnt two faced.
082: [Best feeling in the world:] love
083: [Worst feeling in the world:] When you go to sleep with too many socks on and in the morning, your toes are cripled lmao!
084: [What are you afraid of:] Samara. MAHHAH. the ring.
085: [Are you an emotional person:] mm not raelly anymores.
086: [You cry while watching a movie?:] yer.
087: [Your goal in life:] TO go on the tower of terror!
088: [What was the promise you made to yourself at New Years Eve:] Me and Rowan both promised to never dump eachother HAHAHA
089: [Who is your favourite artist?:] Picasso?
090: [As what animal would you like to reincarnate:] A monkey or a turtle:)
091: [What is the most beautiful part on the female body:] Eyes?
092: [Most original place to ask your love to marry you:] A baseball match (we play baseball in england?)
097: [Favourite Actor:] JONNY DEPP, woo!
098: [Favourite Actress:] Dakota Fanning
099: [Favourite Animes]: Hmm, POKEMON, hahaha
100: [Favourite Mangas:] Hehe, manga
101: [Blah:] yur mam.
102: [What super power do you wish to have:] That one Rogue has in X-MEN, So I can suck everyones powers and use them myself:D
103: [Your gender:] girl bbz.
104: [Straight/gay/BI:] straight
105: [Single:] Nope:)
106: [Want to be:] NO!
107: [Age you act:] Older apparently...
108: [Age you wish you were:] Age i am now
109: [Your height:] 5 ft 5/4
110: [Happy with it:] Suppose
111: [The colour of your hair:] Brunnete
112: [Happy with it:] meh
113: [Left/right/ambidextrous:] Right, ambidextrous with scissors though!
114 [Your living arrangement:] With my mother and brother, yo.
115: [What's your job:] I'm a student and a model innit.
116: [Piercings:] Ear twice, bellybutton:):)
117: [Obsessions:] My appearance and saying 'fuckin waaa dick`ed'
118: [Do you speak another language:] bitof swedish, bitof french, yo
119: [Have a favourite quote:] FUCKIN WAAA DICK'ED!!!!!
120: [Do you have a WebPage:] YUP
121: [Do you live for the moment:] YEAHH BBZ
122: [Do you have any secrets:] It´s a secret...

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2004-12-22 [fit boy slim]: yay my name is on ur fing  ooooooo im blushing

2004-12-22 [cobwebb]: HAHAHHAHAHHA

2004-12-23 [fit boy slim]: dont laf  i really woz 

2005-01-05 [Lucy-Lou]: HOW CUM IM NOT ON THIS

2005-01-05 [cobwebb]: eh?

2005-01-09 [Winnie The Pooh]: coooool peoples

2005-01-09 [Winnie The Pooh]: u sound really cool and nice

2005-01-09 [cobwebb]: Thanks :)

2005-01-20 [fit boy slim]: uhh didnt say that bout me   humph

2005-01-20 [cobwebb]: Awww, yeah Pattys my "boyfriend" LOL and Ruthys,Lucys AND Ellie Rs lol

2005-02-22 [you either love me or want to be me!]: U sound really nice and u r also very pwetty !!!!

2005-02-22 [you either love me or want to be me!]: by the way when i said the thing b4 i didnt mean that in i fanci u way !!!(im not a lesbo)

2005-02-23 [cobwebb]: Lol, yeah I knows ^^ thanks

2005-03-25 [you either love me or want to be me!]: okies (",)

2005-05-14 [you either love me or want to be me!]: umm n e 1 there ?

2005-07-16 [you either love me or want to be me!]: lol waaaaahhhh!!!!!

2005-07-16 [cobwebb]: maybehh

2005-12-08 [Buni boiler]: Wow hehe!

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