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2005-10-08 20:45:49
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All Things Aragorn


Hey peoples! This wiki is run by [Brindawyn] and [LonelyTylenol]. Its a wiki entirley devoted to Aragorn.

We would ask you to put the banner in your house, but you'd get in trouble with the guards for breaking one of the "Uploading Art Rules."

We'll update and add stuffs laters

here's the first new addition to our page! Kingly Quotes

Here's our member's might move in the future. Feel free to add your name and you favorite thing about Aragorn.

1) [Brindawyn] All of him!! he's mine!!
2) [LonelyTylenol] Hmm... toughie... His face and hair, BEFORE he turns all kingly.
3) [walk_tall] "I see in your eyes, the same fear that would take a heart of me."
4)[adriane]MINE MINE MINE!!!!!!!!!!!!!
5)[living in a nightmare] he is sooooo hot!!!
6)[Sabriel the Necromancer] i love this man!
7)[Coldfire1] hottest acter on set
8)[star_warrior20] *bows before King Aragorn*
9) [Cede] naga da thaia (they all will die(I probably spelt that wrong))
10) [Terra Incognita] *goes into a fit of uncontrollable drolling and is rendered unable to speak*
11) [666 ~My HeARt bLeeDs~ 666] i love aaragon!
12)[Lady_Elowyn]He makes such a great king... *Bows before the king*
13)[Negorozigann]Aragorn, he is simply the best of all human.
14)[Mira Ravenheart] Aragorn is by far the best character in an amazing series. I love his character, and I love his acter (Viggo <3).
15)[666 ~My HeARt bLeeDs~ 666] aragorn is my future husband! lmao

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2005-02-17 [walk_tall]: why?

2005-02-17 [Brindawyn]: i have 98 more days left!!!! :D:D:D:D

2005-02-25 [Brindawyn]: 56 school days left....thank goodness.....the dumb thing is there are seniors dropping out...complete retarted if you ask me.

2005-02-28 [Cede]: The Play is over its over *does irish jig in costume* I was at school cause the play from 6 a.m. to 12 p.m. total, but ITS OVER!!!

2005-03-08 [walk_tall]: wow

2005-03-21 [Brindawyn]: hey guys...just got home from NYC it was AWESOME!...message me if you want to hear about it

2005-03-24 [Cede]: Awww man I want to go their but I live in the middle of nowhere-really-...but in Nov. I AM GOING TO HAWII!!!*laughs mencingly*

2005-03-26 [Brindawyn]: i live more in the middle of nowhere than you do :P

2005-04-19 [Cede]: dout it

2005-04-19 [LonelyTylenol]: I live in the middle of nowhere more than either of you! Hawaii? FUn, what for?

2005-04-20 [Cede]: Family reunion 1 aunt 15 cousins!!! (adot-step-natural-???)

2005-04-20 [LonelyTylenol]: Fun... Does your family live in hawaii, or is it just a get together and use it as an excuse to travel type thing?

2005-04-20 [Cede]: my aunt does...he he ha ha ho!!! sadly though it wont be til NOV!!!

2005-04-20 [Cede]: I get out of school for it...!

2005-06-29 [walk_tall]: how is everyone?

2005-08-25 [walk_tall]: Hello?

2005-08-27 [LonelyTylenol]: Are you serious?! GAH! My parents are abandoning me to go to Hawaii in november. And the part the suck most is the fact that they won't even let me stay home alone for a few days.

2005-09-16 [Cede]: HA HA we moved the date to Jan...I cry.....I am sorry for your loss.

2005-12-14 [grey wanderer]: Aragorn to me shall always be Strider.

2005-12-16 [walk_tall]: what happened to this wiki?

2006-02-05 [Cede]: I am back and I am sad, my cousins did not know who he was, they were too busy sufing to see it. I got pummled!

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