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2006-02-14 01:35:36
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<title>Elftown Wiki: All Gender Marriage</title>
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All Gender Marriage&lt;br&gt;<br>
Welcome to the All Gender Marriage wiki&lt;br&gt;<br>
you can post what you think about same sex marriage just don't be an ass. If you agree with same sex marriage and want to be a member just add your name.&lt;p&gt;&lt;br&gt;<br>
1. [<SPAN CLASS=ERROR>&lt;a href="member.html?n=1121119766&amp;amp;membernr=40998"&gt;MASTER deBATOR&lt;/a&gt;</SPAN>]founder/member&lt;br&gt;<br>
3. [<SPAN CLASS=ERROR>&lt;a href="member.html?n=1121119768&amp;amp;membernr=36568"&gt;beautiful _ darkness&lt;/a&gt;</SPAN>] I see lil' purple people do you?&lt;br&gt;<br>
4. [<SPAN CLASS=ERROR>&lt;a href="member.html?n=1121119769&amp;amp;membernr=82554"&gt;soul_collecter&lt;/a&gt;</SPAN>]yay i've finally been able to join ^.^&lt;br&gt;<br>
5. [<SPAN CLASS=ERROR>&lt;a href="member.html?n=1121119770&amp;amp;membernr=109817"&gt;Eristat&lt;/a&gt;</SPAN>] Gay, Straight, or Bisexual, Love is all the same.&lt;br&gt;<br>
6. [<SPAN CLASS=ERROR>&lt;a href="member.html?n=1121119771&amp;amp;membernr=15815"&gt;Bulma&lt;/a&gt;</SPAN>]&lt;br&gt;<br>
7. [<SPAN CLASS=ERROR>&lt;a href="member.html?n=1121119772&amp;amp;membernr=104713"&gt;Milissa Loves Derek&lt;/a&gt;</SPAN>]&lt;br&gt;<br>
8. [<SPAN CLASS=ERROR>&lt;a href="member.html?n=1121119773&amp;amp;membernr=88130"&gt;fairy_tears24791&lt;/a&gt;</SPAN>]&lt;br&gt;<br>
9. [<SPAN CLASS=ERROR>&lt;a href="member.html?n=1121119774&amp;amp;membernr=123820"&gt;VampGoddess13&lt;/a&gt;</SPAN>]&lt;br&gt;<br>
10. [<SPAN CLASS=ERROR>&lt;a href="member.html?n=1121119775&amp;amp;membernr=110735"&gt;kendo&lt;/a&gt;</SPAN>] i support all the way. ..DOT. ..i mean all of them people are so cool!^^hehe&lt;br&gt;<br>
11.[<SPAN CLASS=ERROR>&lt;a href="member.html?n=1121119776&amp;amp;membernr=28195"&gt;dark star pegasus&lt;/a&gt;</SPAN>]love who u want when u want how u want!!!!!!!!!&lt;br&gt;<br>
12. [<SPAN CLASS=ERROR>&lt;a href="member.html?n=1121119777&amp;amp;membernr=114279"&gt;Stray Kitty&lt;/a&gt;</SPAN>] if time and space are curved where do all the straignt people come from?&lt;br&gt;<br>
13. [<SPAN CLASS=ERROR>&lt;a href="member.html?n=1121119778&amp;amp;membernr=55080"&gt;The Unicorn Queen of Australia&lt;/a&gt;</SPAN>] I'm not lesbian or anything. I'm as straight as they come, but I have a problem with the fact that gay people can't get married. Our nation is built under the promise of equality so where do they get off saying homosexual people can't get married and have the same rights as heterosexuals? I'm heterosexal, but find that way wrong. I support gay marriage all the way!!&lt;br&gt;<br>
14. [<SPAN CLASS=ERROR>&lt;a href="member.html?n=1121119779&amp;amp;membernr=129402"&gt;chrissy8&lt;/a&gt;</SPAN>] I am straight, but my sister, whom I love to death, is a lesbian. &lt;br&gt;<br>
15. [<SPAN CLASS=ERROR>&lt;a href="member.html?n=1121119780&amp;amp;membernr=100656"&gt;Ninja Stars&lt;/a&gt;</SPAN>] LOVE IS LOVE!&lt;br&gt;<br>
16.[<SPAN CLASS=ERROR>&lt;a href="member.html?n=1121119781&amp;amp;membernr=119254"&gt;Eka eddyr Argetlam&lt;/a&gt;</SPAN>] I'm not bisexual or lesbian, but I think if you are, then be proud!&lt;br&gt;<br>
17. [<SPAN CLASS=ERROR>&lt;a href="member.html?n=1121119782&amp;amp;membernr=107054"&gt;aphrodizzeeack&lt;/a&gt;</SPAN>] I'm straight but loads of my friends are homosexual/bis&lt;wbr&gt;exual their made up of the same stuff as any other human!&lt;br&gt;<br>
18.[<SPAN CLASS=ERROR>&lt;a href="member.html?n=1121119783&amp;amp;membernr=118642"&gt;Dee003&lt;/a&gt;</SPAN>] I'm strait but i dont believe in judging people 3 of my friends r bisexual&lt;br&gt;<br>
19. [<SPAN CLASS=ERROR>&lt;a href="member.html?n=1121119784&amp;amp;membernr=53513"&gt;Scojoey&lt;/a&gt;</SPAN>] Well, me and my fiancee[<SPAN CLASS=ERROR>&lt;a href="member.html?n=1121119785&amp;amp;membernr=22228"&gt;Demonic Child K&lt;/a&gt;</SPAN>] completely agree with same-sex marriage. Obviously. ..DOT. ..we&lt;wbr&gt;'re gay. :)&lt;p&gt;&lt;br&gt;<br>
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2005-03-29 [murdered]: you can join if you want

2005-03-29 [kendo]: I wanna join! Can you add me?^^

2005-03-29 [kendo]: nevermind i added myself! lol

2005-03-29 [murdered]: okay

2005-04-09 [dark star pegasus]: of course i belive in gay marriage but thats because love is love no matter if it is 2 men 2 women or a man and a woman u cann't help who u love your not suppose to

2005-04-09 [murdered]: that is true

2005-04-14 [The Unicorn Queen of Australia]: Hey, Everyone, My name is Megan and I'm new to this wiki

2005-04-30 [murdered]: well hello there and how are you

2005-05-02 [Ryo003]: does anyone know why the banners want work anymore?

2005-05-03 [The Unicorn Queen of Australia]: I'm great, thanks!! you?

2005-05-07 [Scojoey]: Yeah...first the wiki got messed up by that idiot, who I might add was banned by the guards...and now the banners don't work. I fixed the page, I just...can't fix the banners.

2005-05-14 [murdered]: thanks for fixing it...sorry i was gone

2005-05-31 [Scojoey]: It's it's odd again...lmfao.

2005-08-12 [x.shattered hope.Xx]: wtf....its all htmls????

2005-09-02 [murdered]: yeah it when retarded. anyone can fix it if they want

2005-09-02 [beautiful _ darkness]: awww thats scary

2005-09-02 [Ryo003]: one of my friends is starting a gsa club at school

2005-09-02 [Ryo003]: gsa stands for gay-straight alliance

2005-09-04 [murdered]: cool i think it is a great idea for people to express themselves

2006-07-28 [Sarah Baby ;)]: I think that gender shouldnt matter....all that matters is love...if you love that person, male or femlae, and you want to get married, then what is the ig fucking deal?!!? this is a free country!! free of religion, so it shouldnt matter if you beleive in god or not, if gay/lesbian people want to get married then they should be allowed. This is a free country god damnit!!

2006-07-28 [Sarah Baby ;)]: so how do I join?

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