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2005-09-20 21:34:48
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if you love alice in chains, you're welcome here...just message me[murderdolls play thing 13] and i'll add you to the members list..


#1[murderdolls play thing 13]

#2[Lexy Legit*;]

#3[Smile Addiction]


#5[Christopher Andreasen]


#7[champagnebommer 77]

#8[gone forever never loggin back on again]



12.[Hype Hype'.]
14.[Done With ET]
15.[Perfectly Flawed]
16.[in a box!]
18.[Arsenic and old lace]
19.[forbidden sacrafice]


Please refrain from using these images in your house. They contain copyrighted images, and will be removed by the Guards.

these are the only ones i have, but you are more then welcome to make your own, just give me the link, and i'll add yours



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2005-03-30 [minifer]: lol its okis..snot your fault..guards took mine down too..

2005-03-31 [murderdolls play thing 13]: aww..well i'm really sorry guys...i'll try to work on my idea ASAP

2005-03-31 [minifer]: oh no rush..dont worry bout it ^_^

2005-03-31 [murderdolls play thing 13]: lol, well thanks....but..i'll still get workin on it..

2005-04-03 [champagnebommer 77]: Okay, it's all good. As long as the guards don't start banning then it's good. They're typically conscientious, can't imagine what you'd have to do to get banned :S

2005-04-03 [in a box!]: *waves*Hello fellow AiC lovers! 

2005-04-04 [minifer]: oh iunno..i think if you send abuse to them bout them taking something down...iunno...i spose it depends on the situation as to whether ya'd get banned....hey *waves back to the person in a box* ^_^

2005-04-05 [murderdolls play thing 13]: yeah, arguing would prolly get you banned least for like a day..*waves fast and smiles big* HIYAZ!!!welcome!! enjoy your stay XD

2005-04-09 [Malnu]: Blatant disrespect for and constant breaking of the Uploading Art Rules could be one of many things that could get you banned. Abide by the rules set forth here in Elftown, and there should be no problems.

2005-06-12 [Arsenic and old lace]: hey friends

2005-06-13 [murderdolls play thing 13]: whats goin on? how's life? lol

2005-06-13 [Arsenic and old lace]: it sux..... i feel ugly... lol, i know i'm not but that's how i feel

2005-06-13 [murderdolls play thing 13]: *shrugs* put a pick up and have everyone tell you how good you look then lol...

2005-06-14 [Arsenic and old lace]: i think i might.... lol

2005-06-15 [murderdolls play thing 13]: wanna join aic or somethin?

2005-06-16 [Arsenic and old lace]: what?

2005-06-16 [murderdolls play thing 13]: the wanna join or somethin?

2005-06-18 [Arsenic and old lace]: yes!lol

2005-06-22 [murderdolls play thing 13]: kk, grab a banner and i'll add you..

2005-06-26 [Arsenic and old lace]: k, thanks

2005-09-11 [forbidden sacrafice]: hey jeff wats up u wanna add me too as well

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