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Username Age: 17

Characters Full Name: Alexandria Dawson

Characters Nick Name: Alex or Al

Age: 20

Character's Description: Alexandria has thick, long blonde hair, reaching down to around her waist unless it's in a braid. She has several piercings all being her lip, tongue, and ears pierced. Her eyes are a beautiful crimson. They are always mistaken as contacts but those are the true color. She has a tattoo on her right cheek that gently kisses the bottom of her eye.. Her clothes are a bit revealing and throw people off from her smarts. Her ears are strangely pointed and she was always made fun of as a child for them. On top of her head she always has on the same hat, she also wears a small ring on the pinky finger of her right hand, they were both her brother's before he died. Her jeans are normally ripped at the knee and thighs which causes her to recieve weird looks. But now that's she's more confident in herself she doesn't care what people think of how she looks or dresses.

Character Personality: Alexandria doesn’t trust very easily. Be carefully not to piss her off because you will pay the price. She is what some people would call a loner/rebel. Watch out, she has a sharp tongue and will speak her mind. Alexandria is a very seductive person. Most people think she is a sadistic person but she is far from it. Sometimes people get intimidated by her bluntness. She likes to speak her mind and she is a very boisterous. Even though she makes friends easily they can sometimes be frightened of her because of her wits. Other then this she is really a very kind person but is just misunderstood. She is not a shy person at all.

Characters History: Alexandria's parents scrimped and scrapped almost there entire lives to give Alexandria and her brother Darvis a good home. They didn't lea lavish lives or have the best of anything, up until a few months ago when Alex's dad's automotive repair shop got in one of the biggest customers ever, Nickleback. They were in town doing a concert when there bus broke down in front of his shop. Of course his gladly said he'd fix it for them and ever since then, they've been the most popular and busiest repair shop in town. Which was alright with any of them!

Vehicle: Alexandria drives around in a fully customized Scion Xb. She worked at her fathers automotive shop for 6 months to be able to buy the parts to put this car together. The only reason it runs and looks nice is because she's an amazing mechanic.

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