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This is for My Rp A Book Of Miss Guided Fairytales

Alex Snow

Age: 21

Race: Human -Mage

Kingdom Born in: 4th Kingdom

Good/Bad Guy: Bad

Personality: Alex is a fickled kind of guy. He tends to show up out if no where and and does whatever he wants. Alex cares for very little in the world, but what he does care for he protects with an undieing loyality and determination. He is quite stubborn and has the arrogence that marks him as the next heir to the 4th Kongdom.

Discription: Powerful magic that is used as a Knight in his kingdom. He is also the Liasant between the 6th and 8th kingdoms to the fourth. And for some reason unknown to others (IT's a secret from EVERYONE) he helps the bad guys. Hoever ever NO ONE knows of his trechery. (It's a complete secret!)

History: Alex spent his youth stufying magic with his mother, Snow White, and the sven dwarves. He came to despise his father for casting his mother aside. HE hated his stepmother, who torments him for the fact that he is an illegetament child. To show her were to stuff it he became the best knight in the land and created amazind diplomatic relations with the other kingdoms. He grew up being the only Human friend to Nicole Rád


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