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Player: [*Phoenix*]

Roleplay: The Random Life Story

Name:Alex Cronk

Gender, Age, Race: male, 23, human

Clothes:sport pants and t-shirts. nothing fancy..

Appearance:tall, medium brown hair, tanned, dark chocolate brown eyes, shiny straight teeth

Personality: very outgoing and the different side of Sasha, he gets along with many people and is very likable


Current occupation:Owner of the coffee cafe down the block, Mocha Mucha; student

Physical Skills:strong sporty body

Magical Skills:none

Strengths: he is extremely in love with Sasha and will give his life for her.

Faults and Weaknesses:his love for Sasha can get in way of his schoolwork

Connections/Family:his family lives in Rome, Italy; his older brother, Edd, is studying dying out creatures all over Europe in order to try to save them; little sister, Rachel, is on her way

Companions:girl friend Sasha, Brevian, Zack, Miya, and his closest friend & bro Edd

Current Weapons:he has some samurai swords on display in his room and hopes he never has to use them



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