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It's not much, but here's a little back story on my character:

“Boss, boss!” An eager subordinate called out, tearing across the room towards his superior’s office. “Boss, everyone’s in position! You’re plan is goin’ without a hitch.” He added exuberantly.

“Good, have‘em led to the warehouse, we’ll meet‘em there.” Alec gave a devious grin, chambering a bullet into his pistol as he cocked it. Standing, a loud yawn escaped him, making another of his goonies jump, suddenly awakened by the sharp noise. “What’re you sittin there for?! Get you’re ass down to the car! We’ve got business to attend too!” Alec shouted, glaring at the young man, whom was now beside himself, stumbling over his own feet as he frantically bolted from the room and out of the building.

Picking up his phone once the room was cleared, waiting on the operator to pick up, a soft sigh escaped him when it did. “Giordano’s please.” He spoke with a heavy Italian accent, smiling when the lady had connected him. “Yeah, it’s Alec, lemme speak to the boss…”

“Yeah, everything is goin’ like planned. You’re problems with Bugs Moran ‘ll be a thing of the past by morning.” A dark chuckle erupted from the lithe male, followed by a curt nod. “Yeah, I even got those chumps you sent to work under me set up to take the fall for it all. Nothin’ll come back on either of us that they’ll be able to prove anyway.” Laughing once more before hanging up, Alec made his way out of the building quickly, motioning for the car to leave with out him for the warehouse, and sure enough they did. “Stupid kids…” he muttered, shaking his head as he walked the opposite way of them.

Climbing into a different car, The dark haired male pulled the door shut behind him. “Giordano’s, boss is expectin' me.” He told the driver, receiving a nod, he leaned back in the seat, pulling out a smoke from his coat pocket, and lighting it. “He’s gonna love this.” Blowing a plume of smoke out, and into the driver’s face with a grin, he just happened to glance out the window, the car pulling up to Giordano’s. “Wait here.” He ordered, climbing out and walking into the restaurant.

Breezing past the host with a glance towards him, Alec took his coat and hat off, holding them in his arm as he took a seat at the table. “Boss, Big Bill, good to see ya.” He greeted the men as he sat, reaching across the table, and shaking each of there hands before hand. “I thought Murray and Jack were gonna be here too?” He asked, glancing around before shrugging.

“There overlooking there ends of the deal, they’ll be here shortly. But I must say, good job, kid. I didn’t think you could pull it off, but your plan is working flawlessly.” The boss let out a loud chuckle, setting his fork down and grabbing his glass. “Now, if only the other’s could get there shit together, I wouldn’t have so many problems!” He laughed out once more, Big Bill laughing as well.

“Yeah, well, I just stopped by to give ya an update, I’ve got other matters to attend to as well, so I’ll probably disappear for a while. If you don’t hear from me, you know why.” Reaching out, and shaking there hands once more, the young Alec rose from his seat, pulling his coat and hat back on. “Until then, boss.” He laughed, turning away, giving a curt nod to another man sitting just a few tables down. A smile on his face as the door closed, he heard several gunshots go off, screaming ensuing a short while later. “Sorry boss…” he muttered, climbing back into his car, laughing manically as the driver took off, disappearing down the street.

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