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2009-05-27 16:54:17
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Aldebaran Robotics Presentation

Aldebaran Robotics, a French company that builds small humaniod robots, had a presentation at Linköping University. Read more about them on:

A movie when the robot is moving can be downloaded from:

The entire presentation was recorded, so it might be available somewhere at eventually.

If you want to buy a robot like this, the model that is released in a few days will cost about 1200 euro. Seen here is an older version, but the main visual difference is only on the top of the head where there are some more buttons and diodes.

The robot has 2 cameras (one straight ahead and one facing downwards, not stereo vision yet, but it's coming), infrasound sensors at its "ribs", sensors under the feet, 4 microphones (so that it can detect from where the sound is coming), balance, detectors for impacts (But no general feeling on its body) and load-speakers of course. The load-speakers are placed in its "ears" and the down-camera in its "mouth"... The eyes are infrared communication devices. 
Nao in his box. He got lost during the flight to Stockholm, but managed to get here in time.
Bruno Petit, the guy from Aldebaran Robotics.
And someone and Fredrik.
Nao kneeling.
Nao from behind
As it's quite small, this is a likely view to often see.
The camera crew from Lysator.
Nao can sit, of course.
And wave around.
And he can do push ups!
Apparently we are having free Chinese newspapers at the university. I guess the regime don't want their doctors here to forget their propaganda.
Nao's fingers. With two hands, it is said to be able to carry a (normal size) glass of beer. No serving on the Oktoberfest though.
In Student Ryd they are rebuilding the "centre" (Gläntan). I usually walk right there! Hrmf!
[Hedda] and Mange trying to program the robot to "jump" left. Image taken from

/ [Hedda]

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2009-05-26 [Lothuriel]: Nao is amazing!! 

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