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2007-07-09 00:42:10
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(March 21,6:02am)
Alan awoke from a nightmare sweating purfusely and looking at his side to see the gun he keeps under his pillow beside him. He quikly shoved the weapon back under the pillow and rubbed his eyes turning to the alarm clock and pressing the snooze button on the top. He gathered some clothes he had on the end of the bed,and lazily made his way to the bathroom. He then took a cold shower to wake himself fully and shaved, plus all the other morning prep stuff a normal man would do. He looked down at his watch and made his way to the kitchen poring himself a bowl of cereal and eating it quikly, stuffing it down his throat like his life depended on it, and grabing his premade lunch that he made the night before and rushing out the door hopping around putting his slacks and suit on. 3 seconds later rushing back in for his keys and his cellphone and then going to his car and driving off.

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2007-07-09 [Blakkduv]: Wow that took too long for my liking haha.

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