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2011-09-03 16:46:26
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Coming soon... And stuff. (:

Week One: Content

Content of my Garden
edits: Color Balance; Lightness/Contrast

Week Five: Genesis

This is only the beginning.
edits: Color Balance

Week Nine: Drain

Modern Day Snow White
edits: Color Balance; Lightness/Contrast

My Theme: Little Girl

I would much rather be holding you.
edits: Color Balance; Lightness/Contrast

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2011-08-13 [Thunder Cid]: *waits*

2011-08-13 [Akayume]: Ja. I need to start uploading. D: I will this weekend when I can borrow my mum's laptop cord. :D

2011-08-23 [Chimes]: Thiiiiis is cool. :)

2011-08-23 [Akayume]: Merci. (: I am proud of it.

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