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2011-07-02 18:50:24
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Akagami_no_shirayukihime review


Thought Akagami no Shirayukihime is a mouthful it was a well drawn/thought out manga. Although it followed a very shojo mindset it was never boring. Following the two main characters, Shirayuki and Zen. Shirayuki is a 'red haired snow white' who is being pursued by an irritating prince. She slices off her hair and flees into the forest where she meets Zen. The art in this manga is possibly my favorite part, sparing no details. The storyline is of simple and toxic sweet love with mild references to the original snow white story. It was also charmingly funny and clever with fairly good character development.
/ [Alexi Ice]

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2011-07-04 [Nioniel]: This sounds really cute. I wish I could afford manga. :)

2011-07-04 [Alexi Ice]: ...>> I cheat and read online scans. Shhhhhh. But hey! I have a Hefty collection of manga (over 500 +) so...I can cheat a little.

2011-07-04 [Nioniel]: ^^

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