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Player - [Veltzeh]
Name - Aj'ale Raokiala
Race - Dah'kin
Class - Necromancer
Allegiance - None
Appearance - Aj'ale has a striking, pale and skeletal face with eyes so black and deep in his head that due to the shadow they often look completely black. He has long, white hair that tends to wave around his head like flames in the slightest of winds. On his face he has a rather peculiar set of scars: one straight cutting line from the left corner of his forehead to the right side of his chin, another going from the right corner of his forehead to the left side of his chin, forming an X-shape, and finally a horizontal line straight across his face right under his eyes. These wounds have left Aj'ale unable to smile, not that he would ever even think of doing such a thing. Scars with a similar pattern "decorate" his ears as well.
Aj'ale's body is much like his face: thin, skeletal and pale. He has many well-placed necromantic tattoos all over his body, making it look even more frightening than it would otherwise be. The many scars he has acquired are still there though most are not very visible. The five of them that are clearly visible are even more so frightening. At a quick glance, it rather looks like he has had his arms and legs cut off at different places and then reattached – the scars interfere even with the tattoos. The left arm looks as if it has been cut off from the shoulder, the right one just above the elbow, the left leg at mid-thigh and right one just below his crotch (which indeed might have resulted in losing something else as well). The fifth, perhaps most horrid scar goes straight across his back and chest, starting at his right shoulder, going down across his torso to slightly below the left side of his hipbone, then going up along his backside back to his right shoulder. He has a similar scar across his throat, however, it doesn't go around his whole neck and is often in the shade of his head.
Due to his physical appearance, Aj'ale isn't that keen on wearing much clothes, and often walks around in his black leather boots, wearing small, black tight boxer-type leather pants and a black leather top that barely covers some of his chest, leaving as much of his scar visible as possible. He also wears his rather liberally cut Black robe, sometimes covering up his body with it only to reveal it when he thinks the others are close enough to admire him. He has also gloves he wears sometimes, but they're bright red and not black. He also has a bright red ribbon to tie his hair with.
Age - 22
Personality - Terrifying, feared, horrible and dreaded with a touch of disgust, Aj'ale is the one to take his own paths. While he used to love to make people suffer, he has calmed down since his teens and now prefers slightly more subtle ways, wanting to strike fear into the heart of everyone who dares lay their eyes on him. He is rather fearless, and hasn't come across many things that would disturb him. He is a man of solitude and silence, never really socializing and rarely talking more than is needed to achieve terror, even though he likes to spread his sick humor and manners around. Despite all this, he tends to be generally easy-going, though he really doesn't care. However, more than anything else, Aj'ale loves to sleep. For the sake of sleeping, he often lays sixteen hours in his bed, spends the first hour after waking up getting over his grogginess, the following six hours energetically hyper and the last hour getting tired and eventually falling asleep again. However, if needed, he can stay awake for a very long time. While he much prefers sleeping in peace and silence on a comfortable fluffy bed, he can sleep practically anywhere, including on the plank of his ship and up in the mast – and yes, he has done it.
History - Aj'ale doesn't remember much of his childhood. He knows he had parents, but at some point they disappeared, leaving him alone and he never found out why. He was only three at the time, but managed to survive in the Dah'kin community he happened to be in, not even knowing whether it was his birth place or not. As he grew, he became to believe more and more that other people are useless. Being a lonely orphan with a tendency to cause suffering, pain and mischief, he got more than his share of abuse and torture, and at the age of eight his face was mutilated, resulting in the strange asterisk-shaped scar, and he fled and traveled to another Dah'kin community. The same continued there, the scale of the problems growing as he did, and at the age of twelve he finally got his left leg and arm handed to him and he was then thrown far away out of the city and left to die.
And died he would have if a bunch of jovial, kind-hearted, unprejudiced and rather dimwitted healers had not passed him by and taken him with them. So Aj'ale was saved. The healers had great, though useless faith in him, trying to convert him and make him change his ways. Aj'ale pretended to listen while plotting on how to kill the healers one by one without any of them noticing what was going on. He managed to get one of them killed before getting into another large "accident" at the age of fourteen. This time the two halves of his body and half-attached head were thrown at the healers, and once again he was healed, though the scars remained. However, that sure didn't make him change his ways. After getting another healer killed, he got curious and cut off his own right arm only to have it reattached by the other healers again. The blue-eyed healers never lost their faith, for he pretended to forget his old ways and learn the new ones, until only one healer was left. Aj'ale, nearly eighteen now, made sure they were far away from other people and then struck the healer by surprise. While he took days, even weeks to explain his evil plot from the beginning along with his sick fascinations, he kept cutting pieces off the healer and eating them just to be a bit more disgusting. However, after that was done and the healer was long dead, Aj'ale swore by his sick, terrified stomach and irritated beyond repair esophagus to never do that again, and he hasn't.
For four years Aj'ale searched for a purpose in his life. The sole achievement of this wandering was a skeleton of an Ignean Planetarii, which he still carries with him just because he likes it.
Weapon of Choice - San Setsu Kon
Others - No one knows the strange mystery behind Aj'ale's right leg and why it seems to have been once cut off as well. It is only known that he wasn't born with it so it must have been acquired along the way. Aj'ale never speaks of it himself, and if people dared, they might say that he himself has no idea how it happened.
Element - Black


Level - 2

Experience/To next level - 353/740

Equipment -
Light Pick (2 Atk, 1 Def, 3 Wgt)
Poison Vial (.5 Wgt)
313 GP

HP - 12/12
MP - 12/12
Str - 5
Con - 5
Int - 5
Mag - 7
Dex - 5
Cha - 5

CC – 8.5/25

Skills – Lv 1 Black Magic, Lv 2 Black Magic, Handle Exotic Weapons, Cause Fear, Lv 1 Blue Magic.
Skill Points - 1

Spells - Curse, Frost Beam, Oblivion, Blink, Drain Life

Special Skills
Alter Spell - Every 5 levels, the necromancer can select a black magic spell and alter it, either increasing all of its effects by 1 or more grades ( 1 grade means from 4 turns duration to 5 turns, from d4 damage to d6, etc) or adding an extra GM-approved effect. The alteration of the spell has an XP cost of 500XP per spell level.

Status - Slave
Battle Fought - 2
Battles Won - 0
Battles Lost - 2

Kills - 0
Deaths - 1

Score - 4


Assassination quests: 0
Retrieval or monster killing quests: 0
Aid or rescue quests: 0
Persuade or investigate quests: 0

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2008-01-18 [Blood Raven]: how the hell did Aj'ale get 12 hp? He's dah'kin, 4 con, so he starts level 1 with 8 hp. And he has too low Con to go up 4 points when he hits level 2?

2008-01-18 [Veltzeh]: Good question. I think he started with the old stats and apparently I didn't rebuild him since his class remained the same and there wasn't anything really wrong with him.

2008-01-18 [Blood Raven]: Ah, so he had 6 Mag and you raised his MAG by 1 when he hit 2nd level... that could be possible...

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