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Airadonia Eve

Age: 253
Race: Air Elf
Armor: None
Alignment: Neutral Good
Familar: A rare colored Roc, it has silver feathers that each have gold tips making the Roc seem to shimmer. She calls him Xarious. They have a telepathic link that allows them to speak to eachother no matter the distance. They also are bonded on what can be called a spiritual level. He can lend her his energy when she is in need of it during her healing practices.
Description: She is 5'8" and has silver hair with bluish silver eyes. She is thin and has the palest white skin that it makes it look as though she were on her deathbed although she is healthy. In fact she is a healer. She can communicate with the wind and does so often. It also replenishes her energy supply and heals her when sick. She can also contol the wind to do what she wants, but she can not make it heal her. It has to come naturally.
She is usually wearing black pants with black boots and a white long sleeve shirt. She has a long silver color cloak that she always has the hood on to hide her unusual looks and wears silver gloves that match her cloak.
History: She grew up an outcast in her village because of her looks. All the other villagers were dark skinned and had dark hair. Many of them believed her cursed while others thought that she was blessed. She grew up alone and confused about herself so after a time she decided to leave her home in a quest to find herself. She quickly discovered that at will she has empathy and is able to take others injuries into herself, but she has to have enough energy to take the wound from the injured. On one of her journeys she shortly journeyed with people that were a little like her. She quickly befriended them for she had never had friends before. There was Firous and Raine Airta. Both of which she traveled with at seperate times. She wishes that she and Raine had not split because she got closer to Raine then Firous. Firous wouldn't get to close to people for fear of loosing them, though she never talked of it.
Weapons: She has a sword that gives her the ability to use the wind strapped to her left hip. It has a bluish silver tint to the metal that looks like her eye color. When she takes it out of the sheath and slices though the air the blade turns invisible. Anytime that the wind blows against the blade it goes clear. She also has a long bow across her back with a quiver that the arrows in it obviously have the feathers from Xarious. When she actually fires her bow the arrows fly with such speed that there is rarely anything that the arrows can not pierce. She is able to manipulate the air around the arrow so well that it gives her that ability. She is also able to change her arrows course but that takes a lot of distance and usually isn't worth the effort when she can just refire a new arrow faster. She walks with a quarterstaff that has a giant clear crystal on the top. The staff is very ornate and you can tell that someone spent a lot of time on it. It has the carvings of vines wrapping up the ebon wood that have been filled with what looks like a highly shined metal. If she ever fights with it the staff can never be broken because the metal is mithril and nearly indestructable. She gained the staff after healing an older man of a deadly disease and as his payment he made her the staff.

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2005-06-14 [xido]: Ahha, Avariel, I see.........  hmmm....

2005-07-13 [Blood Raven]: accepted

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