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Character name: Aias Thames

Home world: Scleira

Race: Human/Driver

Age: 34

Height: 6'2"

Eye color/shape: A deep brown, dark enough to nearly match exactly his jet black pupils.

Hair color/style: Auburn tinted and rather short, It's messed through with some sort of product to give him a more sophisticated look.
Face specifics: Pronounced cheek bones narrow into a squared jaw, usually dusted with some type of scruff. He isn't the best with personal grooming, much less his hygiene. His nose is flattened, and crooked across the bridge from multiple breaks. Eyes are somewhat sunken, dark circles a permanent fixture to his appearance.

Body specifics: He's not exceedingly large, but by no means a small man either. So long as he keeps to his treatment schedule, or doesn't use his ability (both of which never really happen) he appears to be in perfect health. Muscle tone and complexion are what you'd expect from a battle weary soldier, like he were etched out of stone. But every now and then, you see more bandages than skin.
Occupation: A high ranking commander in the Driver military. Comparable to a general of sorts by today's standards. Either way, you're boss!

History: He's of direct linage to the man who originally created drive, which means, he had rather large shoes to fill. His father, went on from his grandfather's original concoction, to make Drive much more potent, and created limits within it's molecular structure to decrease the risk of mutation. He himself however, was never the brightest crayon in the box, and thus living up to his families name was never an option. Instead, he proved himself with his pure tactical prowess, and overwhelming power, rising quickly amongst the ranks of his military to become what he is today.

Personality: He's not a man of many words, nor does he have many friends. His life is purely about business, mainly bringing death swiftly, and nothing more. So you're not very likely to find him chatting with someone in his office, usually being called to a death sentence because of his fowl temper.

Relations: the weak don't live very long in their society, so needless to say, when you get older, you tend to lose your usefulness, and are...disposed of. So he has no family.

Abilities: The drug regiment sends his body into overdrive in a sense. His cells are stimulated, causing them to produce a massive amount of energy, electrical energy. He can't release this energy as a blast, but rather it's discharged through touch. He can use this ability, discharging completely and smaller discharges after that as often as he wants, but, not without cost. The over-stimulation of his cellular structure causes rapid tissue death through out his body. Treatment has been established to battle this nasty little side effect, but it severely limits his field time, forcing this officer to stay close to a facility capable of treating his ailments.

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