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<img:>Frag Hara<img:>

A Tribe of Wraeththu, or hara, by [xido] for the
Wraeththu Online RPG at



Tribe and Gangs: the Fragmented, or AGH'MAHAIIL
   This 'tribe' is rather late in the game of becoming a tribe because of so much in-fighting between gangs until a pivotal moment just before the nuke hits Suquamish. Until that point, only being a Gang Leader meant anything. Now, there are many Gang Lords that work the deals in Frag territory. The most prominent inside the tribe is Chedlil the Ragged, a major part in what was the most constructive moment in an otherwise destroyed tribe, a har not afraid to speak the truth, nor afraid of taking the actions to move forward.
   The tribe also goes by many nicknames, gang names (many gangs choose to retain their gang name instead of any other, including being called a Frag Har), fighting names, vulgar names, cult names and some retain their human names, though this is in no way to be considered a COMMON occurence, only more so than many other tribes.

Reason for the Name: Chedlil was the one who spoke the name aloud at the Council of the Tribe. Lori had spoken it to him because of a vision that he claimed Lori had seen. Since Lori was respected among most of his harrish peers, they respected the need for its use in close quarters, but preferred that no one outside of the tribe ever refer to them as such a meaningful word. No one but a Frag Har could ever understand the power behind such a dynamic title that only your tribe could call you. It was an honour than anyhar could indulge in. In truth, Chedlil was the one that had heard the word spoken to him in a vision, and went to Lori in order to ask him what it meant. It was Lori who had told him it would be the name of a very great and evolving tribe. Though neither of them could truly believe it to be their tribe, they endorsed it nonetheless. It was immediately taken for use only among formal, allied, and completely peaceful in-tribe or on-location use. No har from any other tribe was ever to hear the name spoken aloud, unless they had come to Frag areas with permissions, peace and offerance.

Founders: the Frag Gang Lords (Chedlil the Ragged, Betmaker, Lori the Gazing, Knifetosser, Shotput, Jioran, etc)

Spheres of Influence: ...

Home Base: Lakewood Warehouse District - "Valley of Wasted Castles" (and the Underworld, which has many satellite posts of Frag Influnce)

Symbol/Sigil: A lighted Lantern shining in the Darkness

Nicknames: Frag har

Protection from military, calming/recruiting rogue hara, education, reconstruction

Drugs and mahjahn, Drug use, Healing (with Tura), Visions, Astral constructs, Metabiology

Prominent Members: - see also Frag NPC
Chedlil the Ragged, Lori the Gazing, Coal, Fragmented Har

Culture - Communications:
Relations with Other Tribes:
Inter-Gang relations:
Rules, Bounds, Ideals:

Tribe Mutation - immune to harsh weather conditions, hypermetabolism

Individual mutations Often have to do with biological metabolism control/use, visions, altered consciousness, combat prowess, gang relations/interpersonal relations/street skills, augmented weapon use
Abilities Include Drug use (and ultimately higher senses and consciousness), Metabiology (using the body's metabolism to produce such effects as internal heat, exuded heat/steam, electricity, electromagnetic energies, plasma effects, water vapors, personal gravity, etc), ....

Membership - Areas:
Size and Influence:
Inceptions, althaia and aruna:

Caste and Level
Title and Rank

History and Roleplays:
Before the Attack
Chedlil and the Council of the Tribe
Ground Zero

This lowly tribe of hara were formed when the unorganized, desparate and clashing gangs that infested the hidden, dark places in the city congregated under the light of a single shallow lantern, under the watch and ear of one of the most mysterious hara of the city, Chedlil the Ragged, who kept note of the intentions and goals of all of the lost and wandering tribeless misfits that would crawl to their hollowed locations. He watched and listened as the most horrendous of please was made to make a single tribe, one that could defeat its enemies if given enough strength in numbers. Its motivations were set, but its name was ruthless and sickened. Known most commonly as Fragment or The Fragmented Ones, Filthy, the Wretched or the Corrupt, the newly-spawned tribe of narcissists, drug-users, insatiable aruna-seekers, previously-diseased or radiation-poisoned humans who fled to Wraeththu life to escape a terrible or horrific death or suffering. Many older individuals are incepted (though the common youth is prevalent as in all harrish tribes), often those with HIV, radiation sickness or severe clinical illnesses such as cancers or defective organs. The Agh'mahaiil (Ahg-ma-hy-il) treat these lost souls of humanit as their own little spawnling children, a clan of rats drowning their victims in the sewers for money and drugs. Violence is not uncommon in Fragment areas, though in-tribal fighting is not encouraged or tolerated for the most part. Serious personal offense or incursion is often met with unbridled vengeance or head-on challenges, and that is sometimes priority in some cases such as these. Bad deeds are never met with much pity or sympathy. The wrecthed are a hard and hardy bunch, though not altogether without emotions.

Psychedelic-using theurges are the most common skilled talent on call in the Fragmented areas, along with aura readers, poisonists (though uncommon, and often for use in offense against human parties or activities like anarching, where the tribe members often go raiding into human territories seeking inceptees, money - not often, valuables, supplies, and cheap thrills), and rebels and street thugs. Previously diseased individuals now look down in glee at the humans wasting away while they live on strong and relentlessly on their own personal road of torment and pain.

Many of the tribe bring with them, through althaia, the regrets, pains, stereotypes, guilt and repression of their human lives, and these stand out most in the members' interest in sadomasochism, intravenous drug use, interest in disgusting and wretched activities like seeking aruna in the most dirty or disgusting location possible, and the sort. A common favorite is finding a human that is absolutely despised and useless to harakind, and enforcing mad pelki upon them, which ultimately destroys them from within. A common form of torture in Fragmented areas is to force a human into pelki, then to save them as they cry out in pain by incepting them... though this is also something not often done to stronger or more willing humans, since it often causes great terrors and deformities in althaia and beyond, and most commonly destroys reproductive organs for all future use.

Chedlil the Ragged and the original gang leaders compose the 'leadership' of the tribe, though any truly organized effort comes only from Chedlil himself, the only positive proponent of an otherwise worthless tribe and its cause. Chedlil, one of the most mysterious, charismatic and handsome of the otherwise-revolting members of this clan, is rarely seen in public except on specific events or activities, and is recluse from most battle, whether with humans or hara. He is often extremely forgiving to tribe members, and attempts to remind the hara of the Fragmented to remain wary of their actions upon other Agh'mahaiili and the result they will ultimately bring. He is forward-thinking and tolerant in most cases, though he shows little to no personality on the surface when in public, often speaking not a single word at a meeting of the most powerful minds of the Fragment. He has close friends in the tribe who stay close to him and are often spoken of as his own personal servants, aides or harem.... perhaps all of the above. These include Dahkmil the Inept, Knifetosser, Spitshine, Lori the Gazing, Shotput, Redeye and Corn, all of whom have a reputation for telling absolutely nothing about Chedlil's personal life, even when confronted with torture, pain, or violent erotica... in fact, they often enjoy such pain, and ask for more.

Piercings, tattoos, wounds, marks from past human diseases and illnesses, inception scars and decor denoting them are all common Frag fashions. The original Frag members were often gay men from the city suburbs who would secretly incept men every night after going to a local city bar, storing the writhing althaia-sufferers stashed away for days in an abandoned. In these days, it was common for dead, mutilated bodies to show up in butcher freezers, factory shophouses, and local stores and alleys. That was before Wraeththu had become widely-known. By then, it had grown steadily. As soon as the news hit the media, every HIV+ man in town was hanging around shady areas of the city, waiting for that lithe, sinewy figure to walk along and take them away into the night, forever redeemed of their own personal blights they'd experienced as pitiful humans. Some were never heard from again, in any form. A common derogitory term was often enhanced and many of the first tribe members merely went by Frags. It stuck, because it meant that not only were you part of a fragmented tribe of hara, but it was also commonly fragmented individuals who would seek harrish life in some form of personal unification, as if everything in their life would become whole and pure in that instant of inception. The reality of the matter set in quickly when the first hara of the Fragmented were shunned by even other wraeththu tribes, because of what most deemed a combination of bad luck, a curse, and the human diseases that may have been carried over or mutated into harrish diseases (this was before the scattered groups came to learn the limits and extremeties of wraeththu biology). Ignorance was often met by violence and more ignorance.

These days, a Frag can be found on almost any corner in town, hanging around or guarding any given shot warehouse or factory near the more run-down areas in town. They are often found trading drugs or supplies for more or better drugs, more potent chemicals and laboratory equipment for making better drugs and toxins. The closer to death a har can come, the better, in most cases. It is all for the thrill, of course.

The Frag Histories:
Before the Attack
Chedlil and the Council of the Tribe
Ground Zero


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