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This page is for all those who have died who were close to me, and my heart. They live on through me and I post this wiki in tribute to their lives.

This was the most important person in my life up until September 26, 2003, the day that he died. It is a picture, his best, of my uncle William Schuler. He is the only reason I turned out alright, without him id probably be in juvy like my brother was. He set me straight early on in life ill always love him and thank him for that, he is one of very few i completely trust its hard to get there but once you are you never leave. I miss you bill. I wish you were here with me now but i'm doing ok.


He died a few years ago around 48 years old. He was a Mountain Welsh Pony and the best friend I had when I couldn't talk to anyone. he would wrap his head and neck around me and lick my hand, and if that didn't work he'd act like i total fruit loop till i smiled. he was always there for me and i will always love and remember him. rest in peace huckleberry, may Diana see fit to reunite us again someday.

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